Friday, October 13, 2006

Emerald City

I just ran, in Seattle. I don't know how far or how long, but I did it. This week went by fast.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


My neck is so sore today. Did I sleep on it wrong or is it from the running? It hurts on both sides when I tilt my head from side to side.

Can anyone help me figure out what happened to my right side bar?

In addition to Saturday's run, I also walked about 7 miles around campus, no wonder my legs are so sore.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

10/7/06 Quack Attack

I did the run up past Memorial Stadium and into the Berkeley Fire Trail, except this time I went up a bit farther than last Saturday. I definitely felt tight and sluggish most of the way up, probably due to the excessive drinking and eating crap that I partook in this week. At least that's what I think it is. Maybe next week I'll try being really healthy and see how that affects my running. Or not..... Because the truth of it is, I'm about to leave to watch football all afternoon and drink beer!

Miles = 9.24
Pace = 8:37

Friday, October 06, 2006

10/6/06 Back in Business

I really didn't want to do it, but I did. I think those days off gave me some fresh legs:

Miles = 3.9
Pace = 7:43

I actually didn't feel bad, it felt like a comfortable pace and I kept a mostly even pace throughout which is an improvement for me. I think I'm getting more used to the feel of my running and more aware of my pace.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Between all of the socializing, laziness and wine it has been really hard to get a run in. I do this sometimes, give myself a good solid week of running and then think its okay to lay off for a while. That ain't going to hold up during marathon training time.

But for now I'm not going to stress too much. I will get back at it soon and don't have an upcoming race I really need to worry about.

Tomorrow I say, tomorrow.

Monday, October 02, 2006

10/2/06 Day Late and More Than a Buck Short

Miles = 3.9
Pace = 7:30
Pastries = 4.5

I did something no one should do today. See, we get these day old pastries and before I left work I decided to throw them away, because as of today, they were about 4.5 days old. But I was hungry and craving sweets and never eat pastries! These were enough reasons to make me take a bite out of almost every one of them before they went in the trash. Um, who does that?

Then when I got home I was so beside myself about watching the Bachelor (T minues 25 minutes now!) that the only thing I could think to keep me occupied was running. So I ran, with at least 400 gooey, sugary pastries floating around in my gut. NOT RECOMMENDED. (Not sure if Pfitz mentioned this in his training plan, maybe I should write my own training plan based upon things one should NOT do. I think I'd be good at it.)

It actually turned out to be a good run, albeit mostly in the dark along poorly lit sidewalks alongside brush that was housing a few hundred homicidal homeless drug addicts. This thought made me run fast.

I ended the run at the liquor store, natch. Hello...who watches reality TV anymore without a 6-pack cradled under their armpit? Not anyone I know.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Week of 10/2

Week 3 of Becoming A Runner Again; same thing as last week:

3x 4 miles lunch runs
1x 5-6 mile week night run
1x 7-8 mile wknd run

I've been managing to get in everything but the week night run for the past 2 weeks. Let's see what happens this week!

10/1/06 Strawberry Canyon Fire Trail

I set out today to do a long run, which right now for me is 6 or 7 miles. I ended up doing about 8.5 miles - I don't have a GPS gadget and ended up on trails for a portion of the run that I couldn't map out on gmaps.

The route was basic; uphill the 1st half, downhill the 2nd. And by uphill I mean treacherous. I think I'm getting more used to elevation, but after years of running on flat flat land it is still a challenge. On the unmapped trail section there was a hill that I literally almost lost my footing on - it was that steep - and about 200-300 meters long.

Miles = 8.64
Overall pace = 8:24
Uphill pace = 9:05
Downhill pace = 7:47

This was the longest run I've done in at least a year so I am sore but happy that I can still do it! Other notables, I woke up at 9, starting running at 11 with only a Power Bar vanilla gel pack and about 50 oz of water in my belly. I like to run on as empty stomach as possible and today was no exception - I felt great!

This is the Berkeley Fire trail - I was on the yellow part and think I went about halfway up. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the elevation over the 1st 4 miles was about 600 feet.