Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have nothing especially interesting to say, which is why I've been absent.

  • My body hasn't been up to par running-wise since the marathon. I'm pissed, but trying to deal with it by taking it easy and doing more stuff like yoga. I started bikram again and it feels great!

  • I signed up for a half at the end of January so hope to be ready in time for that.

  • My friend JEN rocked IMAZ on Sunday and I couldn't be prouder.

  • I am really excited for the holidays, traveling to see family, spending it in my new house.

  • I have been married for two months!

  • I registered for Boston in time so am definitely doing that in April. I will be getting another niece in Boston soon so going out to visit the new person in sister lives on heartbreak hill, so I'll be testing out the goods there. Fun.

  • I went on my honeymoon in Hawaii, it was great

  • I'm trying to learn how to compost but right now I basically just have a pile of moldy mush (any tips?)

  • I had a brief love affair last week with Robert Pattinson after receiving my December issue of Vanity Fair. Damn you, vampires!