Sunday, August 02, 2009

Goals Recap

1. Follow training plan - yay! I did it!
2. Complete some of the training checklist items. Again, success:

-I made contact w/the massage guy, next step is finding a good time to schedule some sessions.
-Bought a fuel belt that fits me + Gu flask.
-Entered EVERY workout in my Outlook calendar.
-Training plan posted at desk.

3. Find long run (13 mi) course to do near SLC. Done.
4. Drink lots of water. Done! In this heat it was impossible not to. Well, actually it was possible since I've been in AC most of the time, but I forced myself to do it. Yay me.
5. Take vitamins - semi success. I think I missed two days, but this is a vast improvement.
6. Get decent sleep. I had some bad nights with the heat but tried really hard (our AC doesn't work as well in the bdrm).
7. Stretch 15 min/day. Done!
8. TP 15/day (while home). I actually did this. Amazing. And amazing.
9. Eat healthy and log food. Semi success here too. Of course being on the road from Thursday-Sunday its been hard.

So there. Gotta set some more for this coming week.

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