Tuesday, July 28, 2009


(How sweet is this little toadstool that popped up in our yard just hours after mowing?)

No, not workouts, posts. This is getting a little out of control with my posting incessantly isn't it?

I am feeling a bit of the after effects of yesterday's run - a little sore in the hips and hungry. I'm so lucky to have AC in this house because it is already up to 100 outside again. I'm actually cold right now and have my fleece on. Yeah, I kinda suck.

I found some suggestions for places in run in Lehi this weekend. Lehi is just outside of Salt Lake City and I'll be there over the weekend overseeing a site turnover for work. I'm kind of nervous about this since it'll be my first but hoping we can get it done smoothly without a hitch. It will be busy but I think I'll have some downtime on Sunday when I can do my run. Hopefully early in the day to avoid the heat there.

Today I have no run planned so may go to the gym for weights or something. I am definitely going to stretch plenty today to get out these kinks. I need my body to be ready for the long runs. Tomorrow I do another 9 mile run then am meeting up with the local PBRs for an OWS at Klineline Pond. Taking my wetsuit for another ride! Then Thursday is a travel day to Utah with work over the weekend.

I am slowly whittling away at my weekly goals to the left. I am also making progress on the wedding. We have our invites in production and am supposed to pick up my envelopes tomorrow so I can begin addressing them. We're a bit behind with this so I need to get rolling and can hopefully get some done alone in my hotel room this wknd. I also ordered TWO pairs of shoes online with the consult of the Gazelle. Thanks Amy! I also ordered some crafty goods online that will be incorporated into the ceremony. I've made some good connections of other brides-to-be and they've been letting me bounce things off of them and give suggestions. I am getting closer to the decoration decisions for the reception and how to do our ceremony. There is SO MUCH TO DO. I just hope my dress comes in next week so I can start w/the alterations. I got a short dress and am going to make it even shorter!

Ok, that's it. I'm done. (For now.)


the gazelle said...

I am here for you & all of your shoe buying needs. LOVE that second pair you got.

I am a bit sore in the hips, too. Time to start those massages, I think.

onelittletrigirl said...

I almost wrote a post today titled "Two-A-Days". Great minds think alike. You had better follow through :)

Zach said...

I was wondering about AC in your new place - I'm hearing everyone at work talk about how it was 90 in their homes last night and that sounds no fun at all.

See you tonight! (It should be great fun getting into the wetsuit when it's 107! - Wheeee!)

Alisa said...

Antelope Island was a fun place to bike near Salt Lake, we saw a few runners.