Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Rambling

Hi! Me again.

Wanted to report my recent runs (this will be brief):

I didn't do anything on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Rock on!

Wednesday I was supposed to do my 100 on 100 off track workout but due to time delay and dinner plans I shortened it and only ended up running about 2.5 miles total. I did a 7:59 pace and had an avg HR of 161bpm. It was a good chance to explore my new neighborhood a bit and I went to a local school track (elementary, junior high, high school? don't know). The track was basically dirt but it sufficed. I got a stomach cramp toward the end which sucked since I don't normally get those type of stitches.

Thursday I was ready to go out for a 45 minute bike ride + 20 minute run - my final brick before the race this weekend. What I didn't anticipate was not being able to find my bike shoes or helmet. WTF? I guess that's what happens when you move but seriously? I have a race this weekend and need this stuff! I searched for about an hour before calling it off to go for a run only. I wanted to do around 6 miles but ended up doing a little over 7. I ran from home, through downtown where an outdoor concert was kicking, then over the I-5 bridge (scene of bow and arrow suicide attempt a couple of weeks ago that I forgot to write about), then back to WA and down the river path, then over the new landbridge and back home. The run was great and I felt strong = 8:08 pace/avg HR 161. If I'd stopped at mile 6 my pace would have been ever faster since I slowed down in the final mile.

I think if I were just training for the marathon right now I'd feel in great shape and ready to keep improving. My running feels pretty strong (what I've managed to get done). However, I have this little triathlon tomorrow that is really throwing a monkey wrench into my confidence and planning. I made the decision to do it. All of the comments really helped - especially those that said it was okay to not do it. That made me feel like less of a quitter for even considering bailing. I do not think that doing the race is a safety issue. I think it is simply going to be one very hard badass workout and I'm up for that. If something happens during the race that puts my health at risk for the future I'll stop. I've never gone for the gold or podium finishes here so it doesn't really matter in the long run. I did buy a wetsuit and quick laces too, so I have all of the tools in place.

However...if I can't find my bike shoes then this all may be moot!

This has been such a ramble-fest! But I'm not done...

I love living in a house, we are having so much fun this week. I have spent hours unpacking and am almost done getting everything out and organized. I will definitely send pics. We have a TON of furniture and stuff to buy so its not going to be Home & Garden magazine ready for a while. We also want to do some paint and possibly a few other improvements. I'm just really happy to have all of my stuff in one place. I love having a garage, basement and yard (except when finding dog shit on the lawn). There have been a lot of fun little trials and tribulations over the past few days that I can share later too.

We now live in the same city as Josh's parents, which is totally fine. They really keep to themselves and I knew it wouldn't be an issue with having to see them too much once we moved over here. However, I KEEP running into them! Monday they were having dinner al fresco at a restaurant near us and we stopped and talked to them. Totally random. Then we had a planned dinner with them on Tuesday night. Then last night when I was running I ran into them on the sidewalk. What are the chances? Its not like this is a really small town with no where to go. Anyway, it was just weird to have that experience in this first week. Maybe a little too much too soon? I don't know!

Now, on to marathon training. I am doing Portland this October, which occurs a week after my wedding. I have been thinking about how to tackle this training plan since I'll be doing it without a coach. I borrowed Jen's book by Pete Pfitzinger and have looked at the training plans a bit. I should also probably read the book to get a better understanding of the methodology. It seems like a good plan to follow and I just need to gauge whether I can complete the training. I am going to take 2 whole weeks off of running starting next week, then I will dive into the program. That leaves me only 10 weeks! I'm hoping that I have a good enough base to jump into the training, but I really have no choice. Last night I wrote down a list of my concerns about the race, then started writing an action plan to eliminate those concerns. I am such a f'ing dork. But seriously, writing lists and thinking things through really helps me.

Much more to come here in the next few weeks; some draft post ideas that I plan to tackle:

  1. My 2 weeks off
  2. Blue Lake race report (finally!?)
  3. Hagg Lake race report (pending participation :))
  4. Tri training/season recap
  6. House updates - first week in, planned improvements
  7. Wedding planning updates - yay!
Happy Friday everyone!


kristen said...

I love how all over the place your posts are. It's like you manic or somthing. Whatever, it keeps me coming back! I'm glad you decided to do the tri. I think your pshycing (sp?) yourself out way to much. just be your awesome self. I'd bet money you'll completely surprise yourself.

Cindy said...

did you xerox your face?? i love it!
congrats on your house! i know what you mean about furniture and decorating. when we moved into our first house (6 yrs ago) we had one sofa in the middle of the living room with a single lamp, a tv and a very long cable running to the tv from the side of the room. so chic! it's good to take your time acquiring all that stuff.
bow and arrow? how did i miss that?? details?

the gazelle said...

I remember bow & arrow guy! so silly!

Moving is so crazy - I think there are things I still haven't found, and we've been here 2 years. I hope you do find your bike gear, though.

Good luck tomorrow! I'll actually be in the 'couv tomorrow morning for a run!

Alisa said...

Pfitz is really intense, Justin has used his 18 max 55 plan. I'm not trying to discourage using it b/c I know you can handle it but it is INTENSE. I wouldn't have wanted to do it while wedding planning =). But that's just me.

I'm excited to see how the tri goes. I've contemplated doing an Oly in September but am thinking maybe just another sprint (if I even LIKE the one I'm doing in August) hahahahaha!

Denise said...

hmmm, I'm not sure how I'd handle running into my in laws so frequently. Can't wait to see pics of the new place.