Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heading Out

(Keeping with the picture posts - this is my ID card for the Naperville Parks District - Centennial Beach. This was my absolute favorite part about summer - going to "the beach" which was a big rock quarry with a sand and play area for kids. This is where I learned how to swim. I was a pretty strong swimmer back then despite my unusually small stature. I could keep up with the big kids and moved to the next levels quickly. I remember my joy when I passed the swim test that would allow me to go into the deep end. I felt so damn grown up and responsible. I went almost every day in the summer with my mom and just kicked it. Good times.)

It is almost Friday at 5 pm for me! I'm heading out in about an hour to catch a flight to Reno to start a long wedding weekend at Lake Tahoe. I am really excited. I plan to get a little work done, and a lot of relaxing. Josh has wedding party duties so I get a lot of alone time which I'm excited about. I found a yoga joint near our rental house that also has massages....yay! I am also being ridiculously eager in bringing my wetsuit. The only way this will be lame is if I do NOT swim in the lake. I must do it! There is a tran-lake swim (forget the name of it) going on this weekend, where teams of 6 do a relay sans-wetsuits 11.5 miles across the lake. Sounds awesome and crazy and I'd love to watch!

I felt so invigorated after last night's ride that I decided to get up this morning and run. I did about 5 miles around the hood, down past officer's row and to the landbridge and back. It was a great run! I think I averaged 8:28 miles and it felt really easy. Saw a lot of other runners getting their sheeyot done before the day starts. It is a bright beautiful day and I'm looking out right now at my garden with tons of bees and butterflies flitting around.

I don't think life could get much better.

Have a great weekend!


Zach said...

You mean the Trans-Tahoe swim? :P

Hope you get in a couple of swims - the lake should be nice and, um, cold; so the wetsuit will come in handy for sure.

RunToFinish said...

aww check out that pic!! i need to dig out some old id's those are so fun

Sarah said...

Have a good trip, yo!

jen said...

Have a great trip!! It's beautiful up there. Enjoy. Miss ya already!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic! And I felt the same way when I went to the lake as a kid. I grew up at my grandparents pool so even though I was small I could swim laps around the big kids. I loved going to camp and being the only little camper in the deep water!

Have a great trip!

P.O.M. said...

Dannnnnnnnnnng - that sounds like a great weekend. Enjoy.