Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Just wanted to quickly check in to say thanks for the comments and advice. (Especially from those that don't normally leave any comments.)

I am really enjoying this week as a new homeowner and coming closer to making a decision about the weekend. I feel much more relaxed about whatever I choose to do and I think vetting it out here has thanks!

More to report in a few days - for now, COFFEE!


Alisa said...

Glad you feel more relaxed. I can't wait for your housewarming party--yay!

I second your last comment---COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kristen said...

I guess your talking about me....I'll start leaving more comments since I'm already a reader. Actaully that's pretty shitty of me, but to tell you the truth - I was kind of intimidated by you when I first started reading.

Congrats on the new home too!

aron said...

glad you are feeling better and more relaxed :)

the gazelle said...

I just noticed that you have 'get married' in your list of stuff you're going to do. stuff that is mostly just been races. that's awesome :)

Sarah said...

You used the word "vetted." Favorite word EVER.


jen said...

See you this weekend slut!