Monday, July 27, 2009

Week One - Day One

Immediately I regret the following:

1. Deciding a fast goal time
2. Announcing this goal time
3. Choosing this training plan
4. Signing up for the marathon

It is 100 degrees out! I haven't even gone out running yet and I'm dreading it. Truthfully it has been really nice not following a plan or having a race looming. I have to shift my attitude on this really quickly if I expect to stay sane!

I had a great weekend and got to spend time blowing it out partying one last time for a while. I'm definitely going to be aware of how much I drink in the future, esp if it is going to be this hot out and dehydration is an issue.

First week and I'm already changing around my training plan. Originally I had my runs on T and Th but since I'm traveling on Th I switched it to M and W. Should work out fine. Wish me luck during my 8 mile run on Week One Day One!


the gazelle said...

LUCK! You know it's 100 degrees right now, right? I hope you're staying hydrated! (ps - buying shoes totally helps with hydration. buying shoes for your friends [size 6] makes you a magical hydrated fairy who can run like the wind.)

Sarah said...