Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I am in need of an emotional, mental and physical reset. The last time I did anything was on Saturday and I think this is the longest I've gone w/o training in a while. I got a new 2-week training plan (my last) from Coach Shawn, but I honestly have not even looked at it too closely.

Monday night I spent a long time going through my stuff and it brought back a lot of memories. I was up until the wee hours of the morning and only slept a couple of hours before going to the airport again. Last night I'd been up over 24 hours before I went to sleep. I only got another few hours until work worries woke me up at 4:30 a.m. and I started working. I've been on my ass in front of the computer for like 15 hours straight. Because of all of this I decided to scrap any running/biking/swimming to do a little reset.

I'm catching up on an episode of The Bachelorette to wind down then taking a Tylenol PM. I plan to get at least 13 hours of sleep tonight. Wish me luck!

I have also started thinking about what is going to excite me next in this realm of my life (training). Do I want to keep biking and swimming? Or do I just want to run? Do I want long distance, middle or short? Do I want to race or just use training to stay healthy and sane? Pursue something new or just stick with the known?

Lots of things to consider and that excites me. I am really excited about training for the marathon. I'm taking off two weeks after the race next weekend before I start. Going to take that time to decide what the plan is. I can't wait to start yoga again. Yoga will be integral. Lots of other stuff too. (I have a damn wedding to get my ass ready for too!)

Sweet dreams.


the gazelle said...

I hope that you are blissfully dreaming right now!

I think that sometimes we really do just need a break - of all sorts.

I hope you're feeling better tomorrow!

KK said...

Lots of things to think about. Good luck in your next endeavor, whatever it is...

Denise said...

Love the new look on the blog.

Lots of stuff on your mind, hunh. Take some time to think it through and feel better!

jen said...

You've been on a whirlwind emotional tour with visiting your family and going through all your things.. I can imagine you are exhausted! I hope you are still in deep sleep this morning, you deserve it.

You've really done amazing with tri training this spring/summer. But Yoga, marathon training, wedding planning, that all sounds super fun for the coming months. :)

Let's get together whenever you get a break from the move! I miss you!!!

Zach said...

Yo! Hope you fully recovered this morning after a long night's sleep.

Don't worry about your training - sometimes life just gets in the way. You totally have the fitness to do great next weekend.

Susan said...

I hope you caught lots of Zzzzz's and enjoy yourself this weekend!

Anonymous said...