Friday, July 17, 2009

Tahoe: Awesome

I've been to Tahoe before in both the summer and winter, but this trip has given me the chance to really enjoy it more than ever. We're staying in a house right in front of the lake (I'm looking at it right now) and it is close to everything. I can't believe I lived so far from this in the midwest growing up - I've concluded that I'm definitely taking my kids everywhere (once we have them).

So back to the training. I got in a nice morning run on Wednesday before leaving which was really nice, but I think I already reported that. Thursday I had most of the day to myself. I went on a nice run at high noon that could be summed up with the following H's: heat, height, hills. It was nice and hot and I ended up taking some wrong turns but overall felt strong. I had no real plan, just to go out and run and when I stopped the Garmin back at the house the mileage read 7.77. And I'm in Nevada. Hello slot machines!

After the run I went down to the beach then ended up at the pool. There were three lanes blocked off so I decided to get in some laps. However, the second I started they took out the lane markers and everything was taken over by a bunch of tiny little people called "children." Little bastards! Anywho - I got a lot of sun without getting burned and really enjoyed the day.

Last night was the rehearsal dinner that turned into a who-can-drink-the-most fest. I did not win, but I think Josh might have. Poor guy...he convinced us to leave the post-dinner party and go to the casino. He passed out on the way to the casino then proceeded to play blackjack for a few hours. Gambling is not my thing but I was a good sport and stood by the boys while they wasted away their earnings. I do like to watch so it was pretty fun but eventually became very boring. We got home around 2ish and I think it was the last Tecate before bed that did me in. What is wrong with me?

Woke up this a.m. feeling really headachy - obvi from the alcohol but I think also elevation and dehydration played into the mix. I brought my wetsuit along and have been really wanting to use it. The beaches here are all really hard to access - everything requires a pass or payment to get near the water. I don't know my way around very well either. I did a little sleuthing, emailed the contact for the Reno Triathlon Club and a very nice man wrote me back with a suggestion for a place to swim right by where we're staying. I convinced Josh to go with me and keep an eye out so that I didn't drown. This OWS thing is pretty new to me and going alone is especially scary...BUT, I did it!

And let me tell you, it was awesome. This water is crystal clear and blue, almost like a tropical body of water...but really cold. I think I could have gone without a suit but it would have been stupid. It is pretty cold, around 55* I think. Back to the scenery...there are mountains on every side of you and beautiful sand below. It is quite spectacular. I suited up and swam out to the "no boat" buoy and did a long lap across the bay. I went out and back, about 30 minutes total. I really didn't want to leave, but we had to get Josh to a groomsman function.

So, bottom line is that I got some physical activity, shocked the hangover out of my system AND have the rest of the day to enjoy this beautiful playland. Wedding is tonight and I'm going to try my best to not blow my top off with wine/beer/white russians galore.

HAPPY FRIDAY and have a great weekend peeps!

(sorry this is so rambling and poorly written...i think i might still be hungover after all)


the gazelle said...

I have never been to Tahoe, which makes me really sad.

I am doing my very first OWS tomorrow, and am TERRIFIED. Alisa has promised that I will not drown. It's so lame - I used to swim in lakes & rivers all the time as a child, so I'm not sure why it's scary now. :)

Sounds like you're having a great time and getting in some great workouts.

Alisa said...

yay for Tahoe, it is purrty!

The lake is surprisingly clear but not surprisingly cold as it is in the mountains and feed by snowfall =).

Have fun at the wedding and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

jen said...

So awesome!! I'm excited for you that you got to swim in Lake Tahoe- that must have been amazing! I can't wait to see pictures. What a beautiful place to get married. But don't elope while you are there, ok?? Enjoy the last few days of the trip and drink lots of water! Miss you!!

Jess said...

I have never been to Tahoe. Gambling is not my thing either, but pretty scenery is!

Love the goals on the sidebar. Good idea.