Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last Week's Goal Recap

I realized that I have not take the time to recap my goals from last week (12/1/08). Here we go:

Goals For The Week (12/1/08)

  • 1. Follow training plan.
    • This was the first week I strayed and I feel pretty bad about it. Actually I am okay with this now, but wish that I could have figured out a way to get it all in. The falter is definitely due to my traveling. I guess I could have figured out a way to fit it in but I was too busy hanging out with Michael Jordan. I forgive myself. I basically didn't do my prescribed workouts from Thursday thru Sunday (or Monday but that counts toward the next week's demerits). I missed one Stability/Strength session, one 3 mile easy run and, alas, my 9 mile long run. I feel worst, obvi, about the last one. Oh well. Summary: FAIL!
  • 2. Stretch 15 minutes each day. ASI ASI
    • I was actually pretty good about this, better than I have been. While I didn't do it every day I hit about 75% and most times I stretched longer than 15 minutes.
  • 3. Do Trigger Point 15 minutes each day. SORT OF
    • Why do I set such lofty goals? I did TP three days and cried each time.
  • 4. Drink 60 oz of water each day. DONE!
    • I drank about 100 oz every day. Added in some electrolyte supplements per coach Shawn too. Nuun is great.
  • 5. Log my eating each day (and focus on healthy foods!). DONE!
    • Done, but could be done better.
  • 6. Take vitamins every day after a meal (one multi and one calcium). DONE!
  • 7. Sleep well despite stress. DONE!
    • Getting better.
  • 8. Don't get too mind f'ed with work. DONE-ish
  • 9. Moderation over Chicago visit. ISH
    • Saturday night went well, but Sunday I got so riled up I think I tipped myself over the edge a bit. It was totally worth it.
  • 10. Go to yoga once. FAIL!
I will post my goals for the remaining part of the week later on. Peace.

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Alisa said...

You at least attempted to stay on track while on vacation...that's more than most.

Good job. Hope to see you this weekend.