Monday, December 22, 2008

Bitter Cold

This picture was taken about 5 minutes ago outside of my window:

Since I last reported upon my arrival on Friday the conditions here have only become worse. I did get out on Saturday for my easy 3 mile run, which was just kind of a fun run. I ran down to what is normally a rail trail to find one lone pair of tracks through it. I decided to run on the partially plowed road and jumped from the road to sidewalk whenever it was possible to run in less snow. I was totally slip sliding around. I averaged 9:58 miles on that run.

Sunday I hemmed, hawed and worried all morning. At least 6 more inches had fallen over the night and nothing was clear. No gyms were open either. I decided to attempt to run over to a friend's house about 10 miles away and do an extra loop once I got there to get in the 12 miles. Boy, was that stupid. Some of the roads that I was going to run on are major roads, and I'm not even sure if they have sidewalks. If they did no one shoveled them, in fact they were huge drifts from the snow plows dumping everything to the side. I got about 1.5 miles before deciding to turn back. It sucked and I felt bad about it but really there was no option. It was about 5 degrees out, 50% of my run was in snow deeper than my knees and the wind was blowing abt 30 mph. It took me 32 minutes to run 2.86 miles. Can you imagine how long it would have taken to do 12?

So, that's my pity party story. Not really anything I could do about it I suppose. Today I really plan to go to the YMCA, buy a day pass and grind out the mileage on the t-mill. I am trying to look forward to it.
Another weird thing happened yesterday before my run - out of no where my right knee got really really sore. This was completely out of the blue, happened right after I changed into my running clothes. I have no idea why? Perhaps it was from the unsteady footing on my 3 miled run the day before? It got better when I ran and feels better now, but I can still feel it a little bit. Nothing freaks me out more than knee pain!

Here is what I looked like out there yesterday - not sure if you can see, but there is snot completely running down my nose. Hot.


Zach said...

You aren't missing much here - Trimet shut down all non-essential bus routes this afternoon. Looks like I'm walking home this afternoon too.

Alisa said...

Be careful with that knee pain...knee pain is NOT fun!

Be careful out there.

*aron* said...

AHHH that doesn't sound fun. be careful!!

jen said...

Yikes, that sounds horrible. I think the unsteady footing could have made your knee sore- I've been feeling it all over just walking around. I'm sure it'll go away as quickly as it came on though. Be careful out there!

Marathon Maritza said...

Dude, you look f-ing cold....brrrr!!!!!

And kinda like a biotech.

Stay warm and don't go sliding everywhere on your runs! Be safe!