Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good Times!

They're real! Last night we had a Portland/runner/blogger meet up in the Pearl. Attendees included:

Many glasses of wine were consumed and 2 pots of fondue were licked clean. I think we ordered almost every app off the happy hour menu. It was yummy, but more fun was to get to know people that so far have only really existed on screen to me. (I take that back, I already know Jen and her husband and met GOC and JM at the Turkey Trot this year.) I didn't get down to the end of the table to chat w/AA and her crowd, but that just ensures that another meet up will be necessary very soon.

Everyone proved to be just as funny, witty, smart, attractive and intriguing (if not moreso) in person as they are in 1's and 0's. You know like 001101010111000111010101010100011110?

And to prove that it all happened...photos!

Zach and non-blogger (Susie, I think is her name?)

Alisa and her other half:

Jen and Sarah:

Ms. Junk Miles:

Deep in running-related conversation:

Me and Amy (I look to be afflicted with Bell's Palsy here, but Amy looks cute so I'm posting it):

Uber Close-up of me and Amy (my lips stained with red wine):

Settling the bill:


RunToFinish said...

oh good pics now I have faces to put with names! what great fun to be able to meet up with these runners

Justin said...

Hi Emily. This is Justin (AA's other half). It was a lot of fun! Though, I do regret not getting to talk to the other half of the table much at all. Hope we get a chance to meet again soon. Thanks for the shirts too!

(Oh, and not to prove how geeky I am or anything, but your binary doesn't seem to make much sense.) Actually, maybe I am just not geeky enough to figure it out.

Marathon Maritza said...

ooooh fun! I be jealous!

Alisa said...

Sad that I didn't get to chat with your end of the table. Next time!!!!!

(P.S. Um, my hair looks terrible, what's up with the flip out thing...yuck.)

Stay warm today.

the gazelle said...

I also have issue with the photos! :) Isn't funny, the first thing most people do when presented with pics is to look for themselves & then critique it?

It was much fun, and I know A was talking about getting the next monthly meetup on the books, soon!

Thanks for posting the photos.

*aron* said...

soooo fun!!! looks like you guys had a great time :) we are doing a bay area one in a couple weeks - cant wait!!

jen said...

Nice pictures! I was in the middle so I sort of chatted with everyone but still can't wait to get together again. We should have done a musical chairs type thing!