Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chevy Freakin Chase (MD)

I'm in DC, Chevy Chase to be exact.

My water tastes like mold BUT I get free Goldfish (TM) and drinks from 5:30-7:30 so why am I complaining. I am not sure but I think I hate traveling. Issue #1 is that I always start off with a bender weekend with friends in various party towns across the country. What's that you say, I need to be on the East Coast for work? No problem, I'll stop in Vegas on the way. I can't seem to learn my lesson. Issue #2 is my inability to deal with time change. Damn my body clock! I also can't sleep well in different places. I hate all of these issues.

Anyway, today I RAN. It has been several days, last Thursday was the last day I ran. Sounds crazy and foreign but I did it. All of my instincts told me to take a nap, do some work and rush down to the obligatory work happy hour, but I said no sir. I strapped on my Garmin and hit up 5 miles along Military Row and Connecticut Ave (St.?) with bursts of speed within - this was my pick up workout.

Miles = 4.95
Pace = 7:55

I am so happy that I did this and bonus, I made happy hour! Running again kind of hurt (stomach cramps and lower GI issues - nasty), but overall wasn't terrible. This route had LOTS of stoplights but at least was outside. I desperately didn't want to resort to the t-mill. Weather was decent (probably low 40s?) and it was neat to run elsewhere. It really made me appreciate my home route in Portland, easy to access, no traffic and no nonsense. Plus, I like routine.

Thanks for all the fun comments from my MJ post. I am totally still reeling and can't conceptualize that this really happened. I think I might be pregnant with his baby? Is that possible from a cheek kiss? I hope so, because it could probably pull me in some cashola. Oh, and the flight that I missed....I knew early on Sunday that I did not want to take this flight. I didn't need to go that early so I kind of missed it intentionally to take a standby flight. But then I missed the standby flight 3 hours later. It was fine because United was feeling happy and something with weather and they put me on a better flight.

I am going home tomorrow and going to focus on my Thursday track/speed workout and my Sunday long run. Maybe this little hiatus will help with progress?


jen said...

Nice run!! I think a little break is fine, you've been building up your mileage and speed for a few weeks now so a cut-back week was in order.

So you are home then, I take it. Yay!! Let's hang out.

RunToFinish said...

man you are speedy...if that was a run with issues well man I need some of whatever you're doing!

Alisa said...

Great work getting in a run. I agree with Jen, everyone needs a break once in awhile.

You up for running in the SNOW this weekend!!! Eeeek! Haven't had to do that since I left Boston.