Monday, December 08, 2008

You Too Can Be Like Mike

I did not run yesterday and it is all Michael Jordan's fault.
No - seriously - it really is.
My friends and I went out for brunch and to watch Da Bears at Stanley's, local hot spot for Sunday all-day buffet and nosh. I went there after my marathon last October. They have a bloody mary bar and everything you could imagine to eat. It is a great spot where you can gather and just hang out all damn day.

A few years ago I went here after the Chicago Stair Climb and had my best celebrity sighting ever - Michael Jordan. We walked in and got a table and realized that he was sitting at the table across from us. We gawked all day long. Randomly, the same day, the big mafia dude from Dumb and Dumber was there too and I did a bunch of shots with him. It was sweet.

So yesterday I'm at Stanley's with my same friends I was with during the previous sighting...we're sitting at the same table and guess who walks in? F'ing MJ. Ahhhhh. I can't believe this happened again? WTF? We hung out for hours and watched every single person in the bar approach him, high fives, etc. Finally I had enough beers to do it myself. Conversation went like this:

"Hi Michael, I'm Emily" (shaking)

Nice to meet you blah blah.

I said, "I thought it would be rude for me not to introduce myself seeing as everyone else here already has."


Me: "I don't live in town and the fact that I've seen you twice in here in the past 5 years either tells me that this is the coolest bar in Chicago or that you and I have a connection." (I know...)

MJ's all "where do you live?"

I told him and we talked a little bit about Portland; he comes out there a lot for Nike and said he hates the city! I told him it is not bad, to give me a call next time he's out there and i'll show him around. I got a kiss on the cheek from him too.

When he was leaving I finally said to him "can I be a dork and get a pic w/you?" and he goes "I'd love to honey but I can't" - then he and his boys all chime in and say "NO WORK ON SUNDAYS!"

It was freaking awesome. Then I realized just how hammered I was and missed my flight this morning.

Some shady photos that I snuck in of him in the background:

Bonus item is that Richard Dent was there too! I almost got more excited about meeting him than Jordan. I was in 4th grade when the Bears went to the Superbowl and knew their entire defensive line up. I had the superbowl shuffle memorized. Here's Dent (farthest guy in the back #95):

He loved my praise/recognition and gave me a big bear hug.

God I am such a jersey chaser.

So anyway, that's why I didn't run; as Jordan said "No work on Sunday!" (and why wouldn't I listen to him?)

Back on track tomorrow I swear.

PS - congrats to all my peeps for their awesome marathon finishes yesterday. Great job Jen, Zach and Aron - I am so proud!


Alisa said...

That is sooo awesome!

the gazelle said...

I love Michael Jordan - and I'm glad you listened to his advice! :) Sorry 'bout missing your plane, though.

Sarah said...

I think that is the greatest story ever - and if I ever go to Chicago I need to know where this bar is!

Running Through Time said...

Wow, how is exciting is that! To be able to see MJ twice in the same place and years apart! I would have to say to go with his words of wisdom as well!

jen said...

Awesome MJ story. You two are meant to be...

*aron* said...

omg that is SO awesome!!!

thanks for the shout out too :)

RunToFinish said...

holy crap that's awesome

Marathon Maritza said...

Totally awesome!!

But I wanna hear how you missed your plane, you drunk!?!? LOL