Thursday, December 04, 2008

You're So Very

Just got done w/my track workout and wanted to post right away.

Today's program:
  • 1 mile warm up/cool down
  • drills
  • 2x200
  • 3x800
  • 2x200
  • Paces: 200s @ :45, 800s @ 3:25
  • Rest: 200 @ 1:30, 800s @ 3:30
  • Notes: Track workouts are high quality workouts. Always warm up and cool down really well. All intervals are laid out based on time. Don't worry about HR. Get used to pacing by feel and by checking my watch at the 200 mark. The rest is always split between jogging and walking. Always jog for half of the rest first and walk for the last half.
Here's how my intervals worked out:
  • 2x200 = :37, :41
  • 3x800 = 3:21, 3:23, 3:19
  • 2x200 = :39, :39
I am really happy I hit these. I can't even describe what running at the track does to me - honestly it initially feels like I'm having an asthma attack (even though I don't know what that feels like), but then my lungs loosen up. I wish I could see my form because I feel all janky and stuff. I think I must look like I'm hobbling around. But then I loosen up too. (I hope the word janky doesn't have some negative connotation - I honestly just came with that word on the spot and it seems to fit.) In first the track sucks then it does not. End of story.

I talked w/my coach before heading out. I'd sent him panic messages about my fears for the travel and he helped talk me down. He also got me geared up for my workout so I headed out the door in really good spirits. Plus, it is a clear and gorgeous day out, so how can you beat that?

Adding to my plan for the wknd:
  1. Bring electrolyte powders to mix w/my water.
  2. Set cell phone alerts during the night on Saturday reminding me to keep myself together!
  3. If feeling horrific on Sunday, do not do the 9 miler. It will not turn out well and I could injure myself as a result of dehydration. I can always shift around my schedule to make things work.
  4. Use hotel treadmill if necessary.
  5. Life is too short to freak out about shit like this.
Thanks peeps for your suggestions! Keep them coming.


*aron* said...

awesome job on the run!!!

sounds like you have yourself covered for the weekend! sometimes we get so wrapped up in training we forget that there are other things in life too (at least i know i do). we have to have fun too!! :) i hope you find the balance and if not, you will definitely be able to make up your run. glad you coach was able to give you a pep talk too :)

whoa i am chatty today :)

RunToFinish said...

wow I really need to get a plan for speedwork. I've never actually done any on a track and I'm not sure if I could with winter. Do you think treadmill intervals are as effective?

Alisa said...

Wow, excellent work! I was really excited about starting speedwork...stupid knee.