Thursday, December 18, 2008


So it turns out that my little venture yesterday afternoon was just what the doctor ordered. Coming home last night after a run, pedicure, yoga and a nice dinner I was in great spirits. It is amazing what a little perspective (and nail polish) can do.

The run: I ran over to my friends place through snow falling all the while talking on the phone! Has anyone ever dared to do this? I had my hands-free on and talked with my sister the whole way. At times it was windy and loud for her, but my panting and rhythmic slapping of feet did not come through on the other line. How awesome huh? I think I ran about 3 miles, but I didn't track any of it. It was great.

Pedis: awesome. I went for a festive sparkley blue that turned out more like the exterior of a speed boat but whatever. It is cute.

Yoga: Vinyasa 2...This was a more advanced class, but the only one happening at this time so there was no choice. It ended up being not as hard as I was expecting but very challenging for me. This chick had us twisted all over the place for an hour and fifteen minutes and I am sore today. But good sore. This was at an actual yoga studio, not 24 Hour Fitness, so the class was great. I really want to go back there and might do this more consistently once my half marathon is done at the end of January.

Today's workout: is a speed workout planned for the track. Debating if the track is going to be icy. If it is I'm going to do this on the treadmill. God knows how I'm going to program the machine to do what I want it to do. I'll figure it out. The workout looks hard and I'm kind of intimidated.

In other exciting news, I found another Jordan shot in my pictures from Chicago! Never mind the guy in argyle below, he's got MJ coming out of his cheek! Sweet eh?


P.O.M. said...

Nothin' can help lift the spirits like a good yoga class and a pedicure! That would be my full time job if I was a woman of leisure.

jen said...

I love the idea of running and talking on the phone, how fun. I think I would be easily distracted though and get hit by a car. Ok maybe it's not for me.

Rad salon art, btw.

Alisa said...

That sounded like a great way to spend an afternoon/evening. Yoga and pedicure what more could a girl want? (P.S. Where did you go for your pedi, I haven't been in Oregon, I always wait to go home to Cali.)

Where do you yoga? 24? Yoga pearl? I'd love to do a class with you sometime and get pedi's! (That would be a fun meetup for the girls of our group sometime. I say we leave Zach and Justin at home for the pedicures.)

Sarah said...

I feel like there was an article in a recent (maybe the most recent) Runners World about a couple of running buddies who did the running on the phone thing when they moved to different states. I need a remote running friend to try it on!

RunToFinish said...

what kind of ear phone were you using.. my parents complain when I walk and talk becaues of the wind