Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Goals For The Week (12/15/08)

Better late than never, eh?

Goals For the Week 12/15/08:
1. Follow training plan. This will be most difficult during the day that I'm traveling and in Michigan. I hope I can find non-slippery places to do my runs because dammit I don't wanna deal w/the t-mill.
2. Eat well and log stuff I eat.
3. Drink 60 oz water/day.
4. Stretch 15 min every day. I don't know why it is so hard for me to do this lately? I know that it will help stave off injury and keep me limber, but it is hard for me to sit down a do for 15 minutes straight.
5. TP 15 min every day. Should I bring along the stuff with me to Michigan? I'm gone for 10 days, but luggage space is pretty precious. We'll see.
6. Go to yoga once. I don't know why I keep this as a goal when the chances of doing this are always low.

I guess I don't really have that many goals this week. I'm just trying to survive fgs.


Alisa said...

I stink at stretching too...I feel like it's a waste of time...BUT I also know it's super good for you!

Last night was fun! Wish I could have chatted with your more. Next time.

Good luck on your goals. I need to post goals for vacation too!

Sarah said...

I need your dedication! You are so good with your goals. Had a great time last night! Can't wait for the next one :)

*aron* said...

i have the hardest time stretching too!!! just cant make myself do it sometimes... GAH.