Monday, February 23, 2009

Goals Recap from 2/16/09

Goals For The Week (2/16/09) - Recap

  1. Create training plan for week and stick to it - well, this sort of went okay. I was a little wishy washy about the plan, so my wishy washy results can technically be defined as sticking to the plan. Right? This was my last week before the real training plan so I'm going to take it easy on critiquing myself. I did a-ight.
  2. Swimming Time Trial - yay! I successfully completed my TT which allowed my coach to create my training plan.
  3. Yoga 3 times - SUCCESS! Three bikram classes this week.
  4. Spin class - SUCCESS AS WELL!
  5. Strength training - 2 sessions - Nada - none, nothing.
  6. Eat well and track it - I had a few unsuccessful days of eating, but I was good about tracking it during the week. The weekend is where I kind of stop tracking it and should probably start doing that.
  7. Drink tons of water (64 oz/day) - ok here.
  8. Take vitamins - I know I missed these over the weekend, but have been good about it during the week. Need to make sure I don't miss over the wknd anymore.


Tri Dave said...

Three bikrams in one week! That's awesome!

Alisa said...

You had a superb week. Look at your sidebar with this weeks training. Totally manageable. You can get in those swims, runs and bikes! I need to work on the biking! I added two tris to my "potential" race calendar - yikes! Best get on the biking!

Amanda said...

Hi, I just wanted to say I like your blog. It looks like all in all you had a great week!