Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home Alone/Dresses/Delts/Demise

I am officially home alone! (Please don't break in and assault me.) My domestic partner left me alone so tonight I'm flying solo, at least for the next 25 minutes until I pass out. I get to do all of those grass is greener/manure things - yay! It is too late for me to eat Funyuns all night but I am polishing off a bottle of wine and watching Lost. And I get to X out on the bed.



I did things today; here is what I did:
  • Dress shopping - all together: eeeeeeeeeeeeee! Miss Jen dragged herself away from sickness to share in the preview of ME in my first ever WEDDING DRESS. How bizarrely surreal. I tried on about 10 and most were absolutely awesome. Tell me, how could one not look good in a $4k dress? I'm still trying to digest what happened in there so I apologize for the random, broken thoughts... First, the saleswoman has now seen my boobs more than my fiance. She had to "put me" in each dress. Gross. But I went with the flow because I don't think I have much choice. LOTS OF MIRRORS. Every angle. Man am I glad that I've been working out a lot because it could have been much worse. I found a couple of styles that worked, but none that I was totally thrilled with. Plus, the experience just didn't feel very "me." I don't want to feel like I'm wearing something totally out of the ordinary, to me it feels like playing dress up. I don't want a costume or a uniform. I love the whole shazam quality of wedding garb, but for me it just isn't working. We left, Jen departed and hopefully she's at home sleeping right now, but last I heard she may have been drinking off the cold. Atta girl. I went on to another tiny boutique whose owner I've been in email contact with. I had no appointment, but the store was empty and she was happy to show me the ropes. Totally creative woman, and her vision/mission was so much more me - complete 180 from the last store. Great selection and if you don't see what you like she'll design one for you. I tried on a couple and think I may have found the dress. AWESOME. More to come.
  • Was sore from swimming - but only in a a teeny tiny spot, the posterior deltoid. I'm just glad it isn't worse. I can't wait to get back into the scummy 24 Hour Fitness pool.
  • Bikram - yes, I went and yes it was hot. And sweaty and smelly. I stood next to "the cute guy" but who cares cause I'm about to get hitched. Even if I was single I would have been completely grossed out by the end of class as he blew his nose into his towel most of class. No. No. Do not do that.
I should probably feel guilty and bummed that I haven't run much this week. I've only done 3 miles easy so far. What is wrong with me? Well, my ankle is jacked. Inside left ankle above the bone just feels like someone Nancy Kerriganed me. There is no bruise or swelling but it hurts. I would be okay if an expert just told me it would be okay and keep running through the pain. I am a little worried that it hasn't gone away in almost 3 weeks. I'm icing almost every night and almost always wearing good shoes. (No comment from the Michigan sisters!) I am probably going to go to spin tomorrow and maybe for a run - something with some speed to spice it up a little. Saturday's plan is an easy 3, then Sunday is Trail Factor.

More non-training related personal sidenotes (this is unfortunately becoming more of a theme with me which I had never really intended on doing when I started this):

Why does everyone on HGTV need to sip a mug of coffee while deciding which house to buy? I applied for "Property Virgins" online the other night and only hope to god I'm not contacted. I may have been slightly inebriated at the time.

I mentioned that I'm sick of my job. What if I started my own business? How cool (um, hot) would it be to own a bikram studio, or some other type of yoga studio? Or what about a stuff shop that sells all the crap I love to buy? Has anyone reading this started their own business or have suggestions? Hello, is there anyone out there?



Sarah said...

Besides the whole snot in the towel thing, I feel good about your last couple of days! Yeah for the dress experience!!

the gazelle said...

the architect is in the process of starting his own business right now. I would love it if you started a yoga studio. In North Portland :)

Sounds like a fun day - I never went wedding dress shopping, and even though I know I still wouldn't have gone traditional, sometimes I wish I'd at least tried some on. I guess it's not too late, is it?

aron said...

YAY for dress shopping :) its sooo fun! i went a couple weekends ago with one of my BFFs - i am her MOH! yay :) then we went BM dress shopping last weekend. i looove weddings :)

Alisa said...

Yoga studio sounds great!

Wedding dress shopping! Awwwww...I went with some grad school friends in Boston to some of the really ritzy places, just to was super fun. The most expensive dress I tried on was a 10k vera wang!

RunToFinish said...

dress shopping is sooooo much fun! Enjoy the process and seriously from a girl who worked in a wedding gown store...the price don't make the gown better.

Marathon Maritza said...

No fair! I wanna go dress shopping with you! :-/ But then again, I'd also make you try on all the hideous stuff with bouffant sleeves and lots of tulle and roses and lace and 20ft trains. Man, that'd be fun to watch!

And that would be cool if you started your own bikram studio. Oops, I meant the opposite of cool....sweaty. Maybe you could figure out how to not make it so stinky.

Amy said...

OMG, "someone Nancy Kerriganed me"
Hilarious. I hope you're feeling better and back to the heels!!!!!

Good luck with the weddign dress decisions (so fun! - sounds like the second place is awesome) and with the owning your own yoga studio!!!!