Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back At It

I am slowly getting back to reality, mentally and physically. Last night was - I kid you not - the first night since my race (on 1/25) that I did not have an alcoholic beverage of sorts. Literally every night since then I've sat down with a glass of wine or had a beer with dinner. I guess I needed some minor detox after the party weekend in Utah. I know tonight I'll have some wine with dinner so the streak has ended at 1 day. Yay me!

I am going to see Ann Patchett speak tonight. She's written a couple of books and I like her. I bought the ticket so long ago that I didn't notice until tonight that another author will be there - Elizabeth Gilbert! I am so excited and plan to try to get up in both of their grills if possible. I don't know what I'll say but maybe I can have them sign my shirt?

Last night I went to bikram and it was horrible. Well, not totally horrible, but it felt hot and I got dizzy much more than normal...which I'm sure has something to do with the above-mentioned drinking and maybe altitude issues? Damn you people training with elevation - you have such an advantage!

Today I did spin at the gym and that's all on the dockett for today. Tomorrow I'm planning to go to bikram again and maybe another couple of times this week too. I really like it and am glad I've gotten hooked again. I did it regularly a couple of years back at Funky Door Yoga in Berkeley. I only lived a few blocks away and a friend dragged me in there. I know I'll eventually get burned out and want something new but for now I'll ride out my unlimited 30 day pass to the limit! My friend that I introduced to it this week is hooked now too and we might jump from studio to studio in the area to take advantage of their 30 day cheap passes. I know once I start focusing on other training this will take a backseat but I do believe in the benefits of yoga, bikram specifically. Actually today I checked out a book in bikram from the library and am hoping to learn more about the postures and benefits of each.

Today I met with my friend/coach Shawn to discuss races and training plans. I have decided that I do want to do a triathlon this summer. In addition I will probably sign up for the other slew of races in the Portland area. Everyone else is doing it so why can't I?! I will probably not sign up for as intense of coaching as I did previously, but I'm still going to involve him in some fashion and so so glad that I've got someone like this on my side. Seriously...

So I'm going to start running again this week in a more organized fashion. I am thinking a tempo 5-6 miler tomorrow, easy run on Thursday, off on Friday, then killer trail/hill workout on Saturday (going to Hamilton Mtn with Trail Factor). That should equal 18 total miles for the week, not bad for starting on Wednesday. Below is a breakdown of all my goals for this week....

This week's goals:
  1. Start running again!
  2. One trail run
  3. Yoga 4 times
  4. Spin twice
  5. Register for races
  6. Strength training - 2 sessions
  7. Eat well and track it
  8. Drink tons of water (64 oz/day)
  9. Take vitamins


Sarah said...

Ok - do other gyms offer the 30 day pass? Because I could afford that. . . ha ha

Denise said...

A one day streak is good!! Don't sell yourself short. :-)

At least you're still working out.

Zach said...

Yo! Sounds like you had a fun time in UT - looks like you guys could get crunk with the best of them.

So a tri this summer eh? Sweet.

Also, I see you have Eugene on your side bar - you thinking HM or 5k?

Amy said...

I've been on the same drinking binge. It doesn't stop! Congrats for the one night off. Good luck with planning your races. Don't be intimidated by tri's. The shorter distances don't require as much training and they are soooo fun. I hope you sign up for some b/c you'll get hooked!

Alisa said...

I've been on a bit of drinking kick myself...glass of wine here, beer there. I decided that I'm only letting myself drink for the first month of marahton training...after that only one at our monthly happy hours.

Which Tri are you considering?