Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In 20 Directions

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Patchett/Gilbert Lecture:

Was AWESOME! I didn't know what to expect, but it was the two of them on stage in cushy chairs, just talking to each other. They have met only once before several years ago and only written letters to each other - this was their 2nd meeting.

They talked about each other's writing styles, motivation, how they met, etc. It was really a good show and they kept up the banter and energy the whole time. Both are very witty and obviously well-spoken. Not much talk specifically about books, but one audience member did ask EG about advice for a single woman traveling throughout the world. He main advice was to dress modestly, then stay as long as possible in one place to really experience it, then (if you don't have time to stay long) don't feel bad about doing the touristy things. All the great wonders of the world are tourist attractions and you'll miss them if you're too uppity to go.

Sounds like they hung out all day in Portland yesterday. They said they were at Powells (big PDX bookstore) buying books for each other and I am bummed because I was there for like 2 hours yesterday and didn't see them! Then they went to yoga somewhere together and Ann said it was like going somewhere with Mick Jagger - everyone was enthralled that EG was in their yoga class. I wish I knew where they went, I would have died seeing the two of them walk in there.

They also had some good points about being motherless women (which they both are) in our society.

That was about it. It was actually quite awesome. My seats were literally like 2 rows from the top of the upper balcony so I could barely even make out which one was talking. But, I could hear the whole thing so I guess it didn't matter.

Health Issues:

I do not have any issues that I'm aware of but I have also been a bad person and not gotten a check up in like a couple of years. I know. I know. I know that HATING IT is not my issue alone and not a good enough excuse. What am I going to do when I turn 50 and colonoscopies (gulp) are required? Anyway, I was lucky to receive some recommendations from my local peeps (thanks guys!) and have set up an appointment for inspection. GROSS.

I am also concerned about my skin. Not that I think I have skin cancer, I just want it all polished off and to start from scratch. I have fair skin and done my share of damage to it via Michigan summers, spring break and the equator. Can anyone recommend any light plastic surgery or tinctures?

Lack of focus on work:

I am so not into it right now. Things have really slowed and I know I should focus on online training and some of the other things I'm required to do. I just can't! There is so much else going on in my life right now - running (and maybe swimming and biking) and wedding planning, exploring a new city. I sometimes wonder if I'd be happy without working. I always thought no, but now am reconsidering. I do not have the balls to voluntarily put myself out of work in this economy, however. I know I should be happy that I am employed right now and I am, but I'm starting to feel restless. I have a cycle every 2-3 years where I get tired of the job I'm in and want to change. Does anyone else feel that way? I actually looked at the Bikram certification FAQs today and wonder if I would be happy leading a life as a yoga instructor or something else independent like that.

Race Plan/Registration:

God, I'm getting close, but not there yet. I am definitely going to do a tri or two (not listed on the sidebar yet), and most likely an assortment of all of the races I currently have listed on the sidebar. Not 100% sure on Eugene yet, but I guess since its a filler race I have time. I really want to get this taken care of by the end of this week.

Other Training Stuff:

I did spin yesterday, avg HR 164 bpm. The instructor was new and not great, but it did the trick. The psycho instructor was there as a student and was right next to me. Chick's crazy. I don't feel like I'm positioned correctly yet or maybe not posturing myself properly. I'm hoping that once I kick up the steam on the bike I can have my friend, a fitting expert, fit me properly. I am SO lucky to have people around me that know what the hell is going on! Jen also agreed to take to the Springwater trail with me for some test runs since I am very iffy on the clipless pedals. I can't wait!

Doing bikram tonight. Checked out the bikram book from the library to get some more insight into the whole deal. Not sure if I mentioned this but I wore my HRM to bikram the other day and the avg across the 90 minutes was 136 bpm with the breakdown by zone as:

Zone 1 = 8:11
Zone 2 = 28:39
Zone 3 = 23:51
Zone 4 = 24:24
Zone 5 = 1:23

Interesting eh? I wonder what position I was in when it hit Zone was 36:00 into the class, so I'm guessing the standing balancing poses. Who knows? I am getting better at certain postures and almost able to touch my forehead to my knee on the standing head to knee pose. Balance-wise that is really tough and I've never even attempted that before!

Also planning to do bikram on Saturday and maybe Sunday. Shit, maybe I'll go Friday too!

And then there's running....I am supposed to go out today. I was supposed to go out 20 minutes ago but here I am, typing away on two computers, three monitors with my mind going in 12 f'ing directions. I think I have serious ADD.

Wedding Planning:

Don't even get me started.

Everything Else:

Like I said there are a zillion things in my head right now. Maybe a good run will help alleviate the stress it is giving me. I mean, seriously, why am I so manic right now? I want everything planned and everything done right NOW. I may be back here later trying to get more out. Sorry peeps!

6 comments: said...

Generation X is highly known for their inability to be committed to a job longer than 3 years.
Generation Y is similar, they are just more techie...most of us in our 20's fall in the cusp of the two generations.
Basically, you are not engaged in your job anymore and you put higher priority in things in your life, i.e. fitness, friends, family, fiance...
You work to live...not live to work...
It's ok...we are all there.

Denise said...

You sound like me. I always have too much going on in there!!

I didn't know you were getting married. Or were you joking and I missed something. it's been known to happen.

Amy said...

Wow, that lecture sounds soooo cool! What an experience. You'll get everything sorted out soon enough. I am very much an instant gratification person but you have time to get it all done. Good luck!

KK said...

Yes, I think it is human nature to get antsy with things after being at it for a while.

Who are those people you heard at the lecture? Sounds super interesting and inspiring. Boy did I just trivialize their work with that lame description...

Hang in there, you'll get everything done!

Sarah said...

I always switch industries a few years in. My longest strech was 4 years as a youth pastor (shocking I know). I keep thinking about being a spin instrcutor!!

And I love that you want to run into authors. I was the same way when I saw Anne Lamott a few years back.

Alisa said...

You'll get it all done!

Who is the crazy spinning instructor? I'm curious.