Thursday, February 12, 2009

Muscle Memory

I semi-recovered from my ADHD or whatever yesterday but probably not really. Whatever is in my coffee is making me extra excited about everything. I guess it is better than the opposite, right?

So, in other updates - I HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO RUN. I know, terrible. I went out yesterday to do a focused workout - 5 miles with 10x30 second strides @ Z7. The first mile felt so clunky after having been out of the game for so long. (Since my half 2.5 weeks ago I have only run about 3 times.) I ended up feeling fine and having a nice run. It wasn't terrific but it'll do. I ran along my old standby waterfront course and it was actually gorgeous out. And I'm glad I'm back at it. (I ended up losing count and doing 12 repeats instead. Oops.)

Stats from my main run:
Miles = 5.28
Avg Pace = 7:56
Avg HR = 171 bpm

Fast bits:
Miles = 1.028
Avg Pace = 6:33
Avg HR = 181

Slow bits:
Miles = 4.16
Avg Pace = 8:25
Avg HR = 176 bpm

Separate Cool-down:
Miles = .62
Avg Pace = 9:09
Avg HR = 171 bpm

To make a long story short I ran almost 6 miles.

Then I went to bikram again. I'm not sure if I'm improving but I also don't really care. What I do care about are all the random hairs that somehow end up on my person. NO ME GUSTA. Seriously, I know there are some occupational hazards with bikram, but I do not think they should include any of the following:
  • stepping into a sweat puddle in the carpet
  • being covered in someone's pubic hairs
  • getting farted on
Sounds like a night at Theta Chi doesn't it? Not a night at yoga. All of those things have happened to me (um, in bikram) and I do not like it. BUT, I will continue to go and burn the 800 or so calories that some people claim in the 90 minute session. And one day I promise you I'll go back, way back and more back into a complete 90 angle to the back wall. Until then, please groom yourselves and keep that shit on YOUR towel.

Today's plan is an easy 3 miles and potentially spin at the gym. My legs are sore from all the activity and I honestly could be overdoing it here. I hate saying that because I sound like my mother, who is constantly wary of my activity level, but it may be true. I want to be somewhat fresh for the 2 mile hill repeats on Saturday morning. I am not going to run on Friday either, but might go to yoga.

So, about those hill repeats. Here's the description of the workout - and FYI, it is called "Black Saturday:"

The idea of the workout is to pick a hill that allows you to
perform at least a 30 min hill repeat. The workout for this coming
Saturday is intended to be 3 X 30 min hill repeats on the steep side
of Hamilton Mt. Hamilton Mt. is located at Beacon Rock State Park
just off of Hwy 14. That is on the Washington side of the Gorge.
The runs are called Black Saturday, so the only requirement is that
you wear all black from head to toe. I'm guessing that excludes
shoes. The workout is intended to be an encouraging environment that
will help us learn how to run hills more efficiently within ourselves.

Not mentioned are the 1.5 mile warm up (with serious elevation gains itself) and cool down. My plan is to do this, then hightail it to a fancy winery/wedding venue to check it out. I can't wait to show up covered in mud and freak them all out! Anyone local want to join?

And then I plan to do bikram again on Saturday evening and possibly Sunday. I may join in on another Forest Park trail run on Sunday but I don't think I have the cojones to wake up that early 2 days in a row. Again, no me gusta.

Hope your Friday-eves are going well!


RunToFinish said...

eww pubie's!!! ewww

Denise said...

Ew, I hate seeing strange pubes!

Amy said...

I mean, seriously people. That is so awful and funny. But only funny to me as I would NOT be laughing if I was you. In fact, I'd probably yell at someone.

Good luck Saturday. That is a MAY-JA workout.

Zach said...

I'm sure I would have never gone to a bikram class but after reading about the particles etc. I definitely won't be going. I would inevitably end up wiping my face with my hand that had been touching the floor and, well, you get the picture - Bikram funk on the face is a no go in my book.

Anyway - nice run yesterday. You'll be back into your old groove in no time.

Alisa said...

Yuck! What I hate is the farting! Come on peeps, it smells bad enough in there without the extra fart smells.

(I'll respond to your email soon, I promise.)

jen said...

Gosh yoga sounds fun! I should really go! shudder

That Saturday run sounds insane, you go ahead without me. I'm such a wuss!

Marathon Maritza said...

OMG I freakin' died laughing at your bikram description. You forgot to mention getting glimpses of gay men's balls...or was that just the Berkeley bikram place? LOL

Good luck on Saturday! Kick that run's ass!!!!

Sarah said...

You had me at hair. Just kidding. I remember getting super grossed out at that the few times I went before! Don't they ever vacuum in there??

KK said...

OMG I laughed out loud at your Bikrm list and then the night at Theta Chi comment. classic. Yoga induces major gas in people which is one of the reasons I hate it. Add pubes to the mix and BUH-bye yoga. Sick.

Majorly fast running times, nice!

And did I read that right, 3x30 MIN repeats? That's when I just head straight for the wine tasting/wedding venue...good luck!

Also, it's funny how there are definite color violations for athletic shoes. Black is a no no for running shoes but yes yes for soccer shoes. Don't even show your face on the field if you have white cleats!!! I hope you see someone with black running shoes though. take a pic if you do :)