Saturday, February 07, 2009

Park City Fun!

I am writing from the coziest spot in the world...under heaps of down, with a view of the mountain, in front of Bravo TV, watching huge snowflakes fall in Park City, Utah. I suckered out on today's boarding activities and am enjoying this luxury condo all to myself. We are in an kick ass place with daily maid service and more amenities than I can name. Ski in and out. The lift is literally outside of our door!

I got into SLC airport early on Thursday and instead of going downtown I said screw it and took a shuttle right to PC. I was able to check in early, so had the whole day to myself. I did some work, then walked to town for lunch and made fast friends with some crazy geriatric locals. Everyone else arrived late that night and after catching up we went to bed at about 1:30. Friday we woke up around 9 and got suited up. I rented a board and tried not to freak out on the lift - I was about to venture on my first non-green hill run. I was literally shaking and totally nervous. My FH stayed with me and I did surprisingly well. We hopped on another lift, then another run to another lift, then stayed up at that level for the remainder of the day. I separated from the pack and did a loop of greens for a couple of hours. It is fun to get going on longer runs where I can spread the butter (I sound like a pro saying that right?) even more. I started to get the hang of the whole process, clipping in and out, doing the lift, avoid other people, etc.

When we met up for lunch I decided the final path I'd take down to the bottom of the original lift we'd started on. Unfortunately I missed the turnoff and ended up on this really long green run that goes back to the main resort base camp. This is where I lost interest. The run was really long, really slow, really narrow at times and there were tons of people on it. Once my legs started getting tired I fell more and got really frustrated. I haven't mastered the move where your body faces the mountain, so all of my motion is in one direction which I believe makes it hard on my body. Many of the times that I fell I braced with my arms in ways that the body should not stretch.

Needless to say I am sore today. My legs are okay (thank you running!) but my forearms, fingers and everything else from the waist up are in not in good shape.
My thoughts on the whole deal:

  • doing something new
  • gear/clothes
  • getting fresh air
  • enjoying scenery
  • beers afterward
  • food afterward
  • physical activity
  • fun locations
  • fireplaces
  • enjoying it with others
  • enjoying it alone
  • hot tubs
  • dismount on the lift (I still fall 88% of the time)
  • falling
  • falling
  • falling
  • going alone because no one wants to deal w/a beginner
  • expensive
  • i'm really fucking sore
In sum, my feelings about snowboarding and any mountain-related activity are as such: I could take it or leave it. I don't get a huge thrill from it and don't understand it really. Maybe its that I'm not good enough to go fast, get fancy and that's why it isn't super exciting? I didn't grow up doing this, so maybe I missed out on engraining it into my mind and body. It doesn't bother me that I don't love it, I just don't feel the cost is worth it. And, hello!, why would I want to put myself through it when I can be doing what I'm doing right now? I'm having a great time!

If I can shake this headache (late night with lots of alcohol!) and pull together a semi-functional outfit I am going to go out for a run! I don't want these people to come back and think I'm lazy. And I want to earn the food/drinks/hot tubbing that I'll be enjoying later.

(Don't I look like I'm having a FANTASTIC time?)


Denise said...

Sounds like so much fun. I'm dying to try it but I'm too scared of getting hurt and not being able to run. When did I turn into such a scaredy cat?

KK said...

Don't worry about feeling like you should love it-if you don't, you don't and better to admit that than to fight it (but it sounds like you already figured that out). As for that last run of the day-sounds like you were on a cat track and that is the absolute WORST enemy to any boarder. The hills are rarely steep enough to get any momentum so you end up working way harder than you do on other runs and it takes a huge toll on your calves and quads. BUT! It sounds like you remedied that with booze which always helps. If it makes you feel any better, I am totally jealous that you are there! Hope you have a good rest of your stay.

Amy said...

Um, you sure look like a pro! Park City looks awesome! I hope you have a great rest of the weekend. You earned the booze in my book...boarding or not. Enjoy the mini-vacation!

Alisa said...

Haha, I'll have to tell you sometime about my one and only snow boarding trip---you sound like you're doing waaayyy better than me!

Enjoy Park City, it is gorgeous!

RunToFinish said...

I've only been skiing once so I'm a total weeney about it and always afraid to get hurt. so you go girl for flop down again...and again... :)