Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Swim Time Trial (1,000m)

Honestly I had no idea what I was doing today when I headed to the pool. I haven't been in the pool in over a year and can't remember how fast is fast and what feels right and everything else. I decided to skip the warm up and jump in and go. Why not?

Alisa provided me with some advice to go all out on one of the early 200's, check my watch to see how it felt and if I could keep it up for the whole span. My first 200 was 3:32 and I just tried to stick with that pace throughout. I did stop once to regain my composure after snorting up water, then getting weirdly claustrophobic and panicked (has never happened before save for the day I jump off of a ferry into the SF bay @ Alcatraz in a bikini - nothing could describe panic more than that which I'd totally forgotten until today). I kept the timer going during all stops and my overall time was 20:44.

I have no context for that - it is what it is.

It was good to get in the pool again. I'll be interested to see how sore I am tomorrow - but so far it doesn't feel bad. I do not like my goggles - they're tinted blue and I would prefer to have a clear view on what is around me. My Nike 2-piece is still working out too. I'm not a brick house and I don't like "lettin' it all hang out" but I'd rather feel slick than dragged down by a bigger suit. I remember the days of high school where we'd add on layers and layers of suits for drag! Crazy girls.

Overall, it was easier than I expected - there are definitely benefits to increased fitness through running, yoga and other cross training. I love it! Total validation on all of the hard work.


Zach said...

Ahhhh water panic - I always thought it is so strange how your mind can totally shut your body down like that.

I'm a huge fan of tinted goggles - it always seems way too bright to me when I have a clear pair on. But then again I wear my sunglasses on cloudy days so go figure.

the gazelle said...

I think it took my 14 minutes to swim 500 yds this morning, so you're way faster than me! Which honestly, doesn't surprise. I think that speedy people tend to be speedy in lots of stuff, while us slowpokes are slow at everything (athletic - I'm a really fast reader!)

RunToFinish said...

oh you did swim team in high school!! Me too! that's how i ended up gaining weight, we ate like it was going out of style.. then swim season was over and we kept eating that good

Denise said...

When we move and switch gyms, the new one has a pool. I might have to give it a try. If nothing else to give my poor body a break from running!

Amy said...

I get panicky in the water sometimes too. And I've been swimming my whole life. It's weird but I'm glad you got through it and had an awesome time to boot! Congrats for getting that first workout out of the way.....that's a big accomplishment.

Alisa said...

I'm thinking of trying a "for fun" mile time trial on Saturday just to try it out before Gazelle and I do ours in a few weeks.

I HATE speedo goggles, I will only wear TYR...but I HATE TYR swim wear and will only wear speedo or Nike. Weird! We should swim together sometime!