Sunday, February 15, 2009


I set out for a 7 mile run today with 5 miles in the middle at tempo pace, which I decided was going to be 7:45. It is cloudless and beautiful out so I ventured out with high hopes. Tons of people out smiling and thinking that spring is right around the corner. (I am almost sure that it is not.)

The first mile I took it easy, but it still turned out fast as usual (downhill). I felt pretty good and ready to start going once I hit mile one. At some point here I realized I was ahead of my Garmin by .3 miles. So my warm up ended up being 1.3 instead of 1.0. Whatever, right!? (As I write this paragraph I realize how OCD I sound.)

Mile 2 hit and I started going, wanting to hit a 7:45 mile. I totally forgot how this felt and anticipated it would feel harder than it did a month ago since I'm sure I have lost some fitness. It did feel hard! I finished it in 7:38 (HR avg 175). Mile 3 just kept trucking on the trail (and took off my top layer -which is awesome!) and did it in 7:37. Still feeling hard, but not too bad; avg HR at 176 for this mile. In the middle of mile 4 I did my turn around and hit the wind...more than I had anticipated. About halfway through this mile my stomach started to feel, well, uncomfortable. I knew this feeling and just prayed it would go away. It did not. It got so bad that I had to stop about 3/4 through this mile. Sweet, I'm miles away from home on a path away from any bathroom. I felt great otherwise, just the stomach thing. I walked for a while and picked it back up again to finish my mile in a decent enough pace (7:50/177 bpm). After this I slowed down again and kind of did a walk/run combo (I didn't let the Garmin run during my walking portions, which is why this mile pace seems okay @ 7:57/174 bpm). The last .85 mile that I could muster I did in 9:19/161 bpm. Honestly I was doing all I could to get to a bano as quickly as possible. I found one at the last possible minute before I literally would have crapped all over Portland.


Anyway, sorry, for the level of detail on my *shitty run* but it was bad. After the potty break I walked the rest of the way home and still felt queasy and bad when I got home. Luckily it has subsided since but damn people...not fun. Ironically I had read Denise's report just hours before my unfortunate event. I feel your pain man!

Final stats on the run:

1 = 7:51/147 bpm
2 = 7:38/174 bpm
3 = 7:37/175 bpm
4 = 7:50/177 bpm
5 = 7:57/174 bpm
5.85 = 9:1 pace/161 bpm

TOTAL MILES = 5.85 (plus 0.3 miles @ unknown pace)
AVG PACE = 8:00
AVG HR = 167 bpm

Trying to understand what happened to me - I could attribute this malaise to the two bottles of wine I shared last night, or my breakfast of blueberry eggos and Funyuns. What do you think?

Now that I'm back into doing real training runs I am happy and despite the outcome of today's run it did feel okay for quite some time. I'm ready to get back into it. I talked with Shawn again today who is helping me out by writing a training plan for the next 5 months. Its going to incorporate all the little races, then capping things off with my first Olympic triathlon in July! I am pumped. More to come on race plan details, but I can say that I have registered for that one. First order of business this week is to complete a time trial in the pool - how fast can I do 1000 meters? Stay tuned...

We're very close to securing our wedding venue, but I am so excited I wanted to share the location with you fine comrades:

That's all I got - happy Sunday!


the gazelle said...

Wow! What a beautiful venue!

I had some stomach discomfort as well as knee pain on my run today, too! Fortunately I also did not crap all over Portland.

I would guess the Funyuns (yuck :P) had more to do with it than the wine!

Denise said...

Um, I had a very similiar run on Saturday and posted about it. They are the worst! I'm worried I'm going to have to wear diapers from now on!

jen said...

I'm so excited that you picked that venue! It is GORGE-ous! har har. Seriously, it will be perfect. yay!

I'm so excited you are going to do a Tri for sure! You are going to kick my ass, haha. Good luck on the time trial and try not to poo yourself!

RunToFinish said...

ok I am making you like my garmin expert... do you set up a workout for these tempo runs? and then use that to pace yourself? I haven't figured out exactly how to do my middle miles at race pace...any thoughts would be welcomed.

ok gotta go checkout your potential wedding site

Amy said...

I have been plagued with stomach issues for about 2 years and can't find the rhyme or reason to them. Your run was awesome despite the pit stop. Ugh, the worst. Hang in there.

Um, LOVE the possible wedding venue. It looks amazing. BOOK IT DAN-NO!

Alisa said...

I've been there! Um, 3 port-a-potty stops during miles 14-18 of AZ marathon---those were NOT fun!

P.O.M. said...

Oh sista, I think we've all been there. The hardest/best part of marathon training for me was doing the food tests to find out what works best. For me, a banana must be involved. And I can't do peanut butter cuz I burp it up the entire run. How's that for over-sharing? ha ha.

KK said...

Whoa, nice views at the wedding venue. Looks amazing.

I'm thinking you should have had the funyuns with the two bottles of wine and the eggos solo...

Actually, it looks like your HR was really high for that duration (a five mile tempo). Could have been something funky going on like you were getting sick or something. I dunno. Way to ggrit through it regardless.

P.S. I think there's aname for your condition-it's called Runner's Trots...It's happened to the best of us :)