Friday, February 13, 2009


Seriously, kill me people. As you can see from Jen's post over there we had a rip roaring night out in Portland and I can't handle my liquor anymore. I have been basically a waste of space all day.

But that's not what this blog is about is it?

My spin class yesterday did not work out because of a meeting I didn't have on my calendar. I did, however, do my 3 mile easy run, which actually turned into a 6 mile run. Not smart! I met up with Jen and we ran most of it together, but I went a lot farther than I should have. It was just nice to get out and get fresh air and fun to conversate. But the kicker is that my legs are sore today. This is something I haven't had happen in a long time. My ankle is starting to bother me - on the inside right above my ankle. It started feeling sore after the trail run I did a few weeks back. Then it went away for the most part but now that I'm running again it has come back.

To top it off I bought ridiculously skanky gold pumps during my drunken shopping at Wet Seal, then walked about 2 miles in them last night! My feet have been THROBBING all day as a result. I'm going to be so pissed at myself if there is any lasting damage. Here I spend so much time taking care of my body and health and then throw it out the window so fast!

So now the Black Saturday run is up in the air because I'm exhausted, tired, lazy, in pain and don't want to damage myself further! If I don't do it I will still plan to do my own run - not sure what yet, but something. If I want to hit my goal of 4 yoga sessions this week I'll have to go both tomorrow and Sunday. I will also have to go to spin another time and do some strength training the next two days. I feel like I've done quite a bit already so maybe my aspirations were too high? Whatever, at least having the goals keeps me motivated.

Again, in non-training-related thoughts....I also hope to have a wedding venue nailed down by the end of the day tomorrow. I am so excited to have a date and place! The terrifying part is that it might turn out to be only SIX MONTHS AWAY. (But seriously - I don't see how I can't make it happen in that timeframe.) I'm also working on a wedding website via just started it today and it is my first foray into this type of site creation so it will be interesting. I was annoyed by all of the wedding site templates on other sites and just wanted to do my own thing. So that's what I'm doing. I've also found out about some great boutiques and designers in Portland and am hoping to go dress shopping in the next week or so.

That's it.


jen said...

I'm excited to see the website! It'll be a good place to focus your obsession with the wedding stuff.

I think yoga might be better than running tomorrow if your ankle is still really sore. If it's specifically the trail running that caused it then you shouldn't do another, especially that bad boy. Maybe you can do a flat easy run or go Sunday instead? Hope it gets better soon. Sorry for making you run extra yesterday! I'm not apologizing for the gold pumps though, that was all you.

Happy V-day!

aron said...

looks like you guys had a great time :)

you can totally plan a wedding in 6 months!!! YAY for a date and website :) i *HEART* weddings!!!

KK said...

OMG get rid of those trashy heels immediately! Invest in a pair of ultra-nerdy-and violates-every-fashion-code-in-the-world Danskos instead. Your feet and ankles will thank you. Nobody else will though because they'll have to look at your hideous shoes but if you are going to continue to put your running first, gotta put your dogs first too. Just ask my fashion expert of a sister Amy-she's been wearing Danskos nonstop since the IM training started. It's not pretty. But just sayin'...

Yeah, sounds like you may need to skip the run today. But, do they do it every Saturday? Or at least once or month or even more frequently then just today? Cuz you could always go back.

So Wet Seal is the neame of the store? I was confused about that in Jen's post but now it's f'in hilare. You guys are FUH-nny.

the gazelle said...

I don't know if I'd go so far as to wear ugly shoes. :)

I totally planned & executed my wedding in less than six months (also moved to Portland & started a new job in that timeframe, too) - so I know you can do it.

Are you still planning on 4PM yoga today?

Amy said...

DOn't listen to KK, she doesn't know what she's talking about. Clearly, b/c she doesn't know that Wet Seal IS a store. Anyway, keep the shoes (and I love that you refer to them as skanky) but don't walk so much in them. just sit and look pretty. :)

Good luck w/ the wedding website, sounds awesome.

Alisa said...

Yikes! I hate it when my feet revolt!

I did a wedding website and it was sooooo nice to send the link to family and friends and not have to deal with 50 gazillion emails asking the same question. If they wanted to know they went to the website!

Marathon Maritza said...

Awww I'm so jealous of your hardcore partying! (I totally can't handle my drink at all anymore's all the running...cuts down the tolerance.)

Did Jen tell you I'm coming up in June??? Better get your tolerance back, baby!!

And also, you can TOTALLY get it all done in 6 months. If anyone can you can!

Anonymous said...

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