Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fun Times On the Suckmill

Last night's run was possibly one of the hardest runs I've done in a quite some time. I paid $8 for a day pass to the YMCA to torture myself on a treadmill in a dank room with nothing to look at.

I set my Garmin to record my HR but don't quite have the results yet. I would estimate based on looking at it that the first 4.2 miles was avg 170-172, the fast middle 5 miles was 185 and the last 2 miles was 177. Once I download I'll update.

I ran the 1st 4.3 miles at (according to the machine) a 8:27 pace. After I finished my conversation with a nice man who has kids that are married to people that I know, I kicked it into higher gear - the next 5 miles was done at 7:53. After that I dropped it back down to 8:27, then after almost dying there, I dropped it down again to about 9:00. I did this until I hit 11 miles. I was supposed to go 12 but I honestly couldn't stand it anymore. I had to stop. I kept thinking "just pull out that last mile; do it for the internet!" but I wasn't strong enough.

Miles = 11
Pace = 8:24

I still feel like I got my ass handed to me a little. Treadmills are not my favorite. The pace never really matches, it always feels harder, nothing is varied. It is boring!

I talked to a guy there that oversees a weekly group run and it turns out he became the next track coach at my high school after I graduated. He was excited to talk about running and I found it fascinating that there were people around here that were into that. The group run is tonight but I need to figure if my training plan fits into this. It might be fun to get out there, but it also might suck.

I came home and had dinner and almost passed out on the couch afterwards. I was so exhausted. I slept like a baby last night too.

I bought an awesome vintage running magazine at a thrift store yesterday that I am going to share with you soon. I love this type of stuff!


the gazelle said...

I may have to hit up the local gym today for a one-day membership. I haven't run since Friday & am stuck at home with my parents. Fun times.

jen said...

Wow, Emily. 11 miles on a treadmill is insane!! Great job! I agree the treadmill feels weird and the pace feels more difficult. I usually run just 6.0 MPH (10:00 miles) on it and it feels like my regular training pace of about 9:00. Weird.

Can't wait to see this vintage mag. Good stuff! Portland misses you!

*aron* said...

GAH 11 miles on the treadmill sounds like torture... great job getting that done!!!! i totally agree - i always feel like i am running so much harder than what the pace says - stupid things.

P.O.M. said...

11 on a treadmill is serious hell. I have been paying for a gym membership since 1993. Hardly go because of running and yoga.

Marathon Maritza said...

Wow that's hardcore! I did something close to that distance once on the treadmill and wanted to die of boredom, so nicely done!

P.S. I love the biotech throwback too! Merry Christmas!!!

RunToFinish said...

I swear the treadmill feels harder, I never run as fast...but then when I do go outside I run faster, so that helps!

Alisa said...

11 miles is still impressive.

I think I might actually be the only runner who likes the treadmill. I don't like it all the time and for long runs it's iffy but I really don't mind it.

I would have taken the treadmill over the pouring cold rain on Sunday. I don't know of any gyms in the area that do day passes =(.