Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sorry Beyonce...I'M Sasha Fierce

"Single Ladies" helped me complete my workout today and I can't stop listening to it. Friggin ridonkulous.

Week Two of my kickass track workouts, here's the results. Program was similar to last week but a little longer - 1000s instead of 800s:

  • 1 mile warm up/cool down
  • drills
  • 2x200
  • 3x1000
  • 2x200
  • Paces: 200s @ :45, 1000s @ 4:20
  • Rest: 200 @ 1:30, 1000s @ 4:00
  • Notes: Track workouts are high quality workouts. Always warm up and cool down really well. All intervals are laid out based on time. Don't worry about HR. Get used to pacing by feel and by checking my watch at the 200 mark. The rest is always split between jogging and walking. Always jog for half of the rest first and walk for the last half.
Here's how my intervals worked out:
  • 2x200 = :39, :39
  • 3x1000 = 4:23, 4:16, 4:13
  • 2x200 = :36, :38
So, same feelings this week as last; the first longer interval always sucks. I think a lot of this is mental and can be resolved by practicing it over and over. When I finished the first 1000 and saw I had gone 3 seconds slower than what I was supposed to I was disappointed. But then I went ahead and ran the last 2 faster AND they both felt more comfortable. Anyone else do speed workouts and have this same issue?

I still need to work on my goals this week and will post again later. But in the meantime, seriously, if you like it you should really put a ring on it.

Lemon out.


jen said...

Dang, awesome job on the speed work. Keep up the good work sasha!

Sarah said...

I want to put a ring on it.

P.O.M. said...

My theme song... you shoudda put a ring on it.

RunToFinish said...

Have you heard Put a Ring on It from that cd? Love it.

Ok i am now officialy oging to have steal your workouts.