Friday, December 19, 2008

Made It

Home Sweet Home
I don't know why I feel it, but I have a weird dedication to report my happenings real time here. I'm hoping it will pass because it is taxing.
I was really worried about my flights and the conditions but everything actually went pretty much okay. Getting to O'Hare wasn't terrible, then my 2nd/last flight seemed to be on track until they made us sit on the tarmac for about an hour, but whatever. At that point I was just antsy.

Worst part is my checked bag did not arrive at my final destination. This has happened to me before during the same time of year and when my bag was finally located and shipped to my parents' house, there were items taken/stolen from it. Way to go xmas cheer! I am hoping that this bag arrives w/o any such issues, but who knows. I'm not really that bent out of shape about it. Last night right before I went to sleep I anticipated this exact thing happening and thought...why don't I put some running gear in my carry on bag? I am SO glad I did because I have no excuses.
Do you hear that people - NO EXCUSES!

Meanwhile I will leave you pictures that are fresh out of the oven...

Our front porch and *real* snow:

We have an award-winning fireplace:

I don't know how I'm going to slog through it, but 3 miles easy tomorrow and 12 on Sunday!


Sarah said...

I'm glad you made it!! It's snowing again here - another week of Portland being shut down. Not awesome.

Marathon Maritza said...

yay glad you made it safely!!!

Zach said...

Glad to hear you made it ok. Looks like you are in for some snowy running. Winter Storm 2008 finally hit Portland, there is about 5 inches on the ground now with more on the way.

Alisa said...

Looks like we both made it out in the nick of time...I guess PDX was closed for awhile yesterday.

Have a great time at home!

I was hoping for warm, sunny California weather...I came to cold rain! Boo!

RunToFinish said...

wish it would have snowed more here so we wouldn't have made the drive! can't wait for your next report of running in the snow