Friday, December 12, 2008

What Do I Look Like, Mother Theresa?

I've decided it is too late to set goals for the week, but here are some things I've been keeping up on:

1. Water consumption - perfect; also adding Nuun tablets to give me an electrolyte punch.
2. Vitamins - I'm actually doing this on a daily basis now.
3. Food - writing it down and eating pretty well.
4. My Training Plan - I only missed Monday's Off+Strength/Stability day, so I think I'm looking good there. My track workout yesterday went well. Now I need to focus on doing well on my 10 mile run on Sunday. Ten miles used to be a piece of cake, but I haven't gone that far in a while so we'll see how it feels. The plan is 3 miles Z2-3 pace, then 4 miles of 7:55 miles, the 3 miles of Z2-3 pace. The zone 2-3 pace is a huge range, from 8:15-10:00 miles, so I need to find out from my coach what I really should try to hit. God, I just hope I have a really good run that day!

I'm going to try to meet w/the Portland ladies on Sunday to hit the Springwater Trail. Even though we're all running at different paces, it will be fun to have people to start and potentially finish with. Maybe I can convince them to have bloody marys with me afterwards? It is supposed to *snow* Sunday so that will be fun too.

I am sore today from my track workout - shoulda stretched more (and shoulda put a ring on it too).

Today is strength/stability which I like to do in the comfort of my home. Can you guess what will be blasting on repeat from my speakers? I am psychotic...

PS - today is Friday, isn't that fun? I will be going out tonight and probably getting a little tipsy.

And now I have nothing else to say.


Alisa said...

See you Sunday!

Sarah said...

Yeah Sunday! And Yeah for getting tipsy! I might have gone that route too. Shocking I know!

RunToFinish said...

hmm I'm not quite fast enough for your run yet, but I think I could adapt that speed work to my pace. you just give me so many good ideas!