Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to Reality

I'm back! I'm back home in my comfortable bed and with my stuff and my people. I had a wonderful holiday but am glad to be back home.

But wait! There is another holiday coming up, so I guess I can't rely on getting back into a real routine quite yet.. Hoping to do a low key NYE night and spend some time in the woods over the weekend. It should be just what I need to hunker down, think about 2008 and plan for 2009. I think I had a pretty good year, but as always there are new things I want to do to improve myself and be happier in 2009. More to come on that.

Recap on my training last week:

  • Sunday: 2.86 miles/11:18 pace (in the horrible snow until I had to turn back)
  • Monday: 11 miles/8:24 pace (treadmill terror)
  • Tuesday: 3 miles @ 10 min pace (I basically re-enacted the entire Karma Police video on this run)
  • Wednesday: nada
  • Thursday: 4.64 miles @ 8:04 pace (really nice & fast xmas day run)
  • Friday: Slacker
  • Saturday: Loser
  • Sunday: Hangover/travel home
  • Monday: 1:15 of yoga (I'm sore today)

I am pissed at myself and really disappointed that I messed up my training once again. I wanted to get in the scheduled cadence run no matter what but I didn't. I know I shouldn't beat myself up over it, but I still feel very guilty. I did get in over 20 miles so that is still pretty good (despite the weather and holidays).

I've also been eating like shit. Not really bad foods, but bad quantities. I don't want to think about how many pounds I possibly gained over the last 10 days. I weighed myself right before that and discovered that I'd lost 6 pounds since the end of October. This is a big delta for me, especially considering that I know I gained some muscle too. However, I was pretty out of shape and have been working hard. I was just surprised to see that difference. And now it doesn't matter because I've been a sloth...


This week is fresh and while I did NOT do my strength training last night I did do yoga, which I'm calling it a wash. Today I'm supposed to do a funky 5 mile run with different paces at each mile. I am currently procrastinating. I know I'll do it eventually but I have some errands to run too, so will probably go when I return.

I've been in kind of a foul mood the past few days and trying to ignore it enough to just move on. I know it'll pass soon but these type of days suck.

Wasn't that a positive post?

I am going to put up some photos of my holiday and aforementioned night out in Ann Arbor. You can witness the shit show for yourself!

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the gazelle said...

welcome back! I really think that traveling & the holidays are hard enough, add in snowstorms & it's pretty impressive that you got any workouts in!

Also - was wondering where you go to yoga.