Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Merry Holidays! Me in my special xmas dinner shirt. No one thought this was quite as funny as me.
Trying on some tool's white Emporio Armani spectacles:

Dancing with my friend to Barenaked Ladies:

The problem:

The result of the problem. This, by the way, is my favorite model/Paris Hilton-pose:

Towards the end (shoes off, eyes rolling back, slumped in booth) - so classy!


RunToFinish said...

Ok doesn't that book just make you think you want to travel and experience all kinds of random cultures? I mean I know I don't want to meditate for 12 hours a day...but maybe I should try it cause she did.

Ok I think the shirt is hiliarious!

the gazelle said...

I really love that shirt! And your Paris pose.

Looks like you had fun!

Sarah said...

Oh man - good times! Love the shirt!

jen said...

I love your "special" shirt and the night out photo essay. What fun! Glad to have you home though. :)

aron said...

yay looks like you had a great time!!!