Saturday, July 25, 2009

Portland Marathon Training Plan

I'm doing it! I signed up the minute I got home after watching Josh run it last year. I did my first marathon in 2007, the infamous Chicago race that was cancelled mid-race due to heat and no more available ambulances or water. Yep, that one. I sucked terribly, the actual act of running (and a lot of walking) in that heat/humidity and the fact that I trained for months for a bust. After that race I stopped running all together for a long long time. I maybe got in one run a month for like a year.

Then last summer I moved to Portland and decided to refocus and start up again. I found awesome support and a great running community right away. My coach and friend, Shawn, helped me get back into it and really focus on hard work and smart training. Sadly, he's moved away...back to Austin. But I still have his guidance, advice and support although I suppose now he's not my official "coach".

I also was lucky to connect with Jen and Zach, who had also just moved to Portland. I had a thin relationship with Jen through Martiza, who I worked with when living in CA a few years back. I met Jen I think only once at an allnight drink-fest at Maritza's apt, but then we also connected via email to discuss marathon training in 2007. (BTW, I owe this blog to Maritza as she convinced me to start it back in 2006.) But Jen and Zach also introduced me to the other PBJ/PBR'ers: The Ambitious One, Gazelles on Crack and Junk Miles, and ..... am I forgetting anyone? I always forget someone! Anyway, knowing these folks and keeping this electronic journal has spiked my interest in running to levels I haven't seen. It is fun and I'm healthy and motivated.

So where was I going with this? Yes, the marathon...watching last year's Portland race made me want to try another marathon. Even though I think it is crazy. Honestly, running more than 10 miles is simply insane but it is what we alls gotta deal with. The f'ing marathon. So, here we go...

My training plan starts Monday, with an off day. The race is 10 weeks away and happens the weekend after my wedding. I have a ton of stuff going on this summer so I know it is going to be challenging to stay on track. I hope this blog, and you, can help me through it.

Below is my training plan:

It is basically ripped right from the Advanced Marathoning book otherwise referred to as the Pfitz plan. I took the 12-week 55-mile plan and shaved off a couple of weeks (I think one from the 1st and one from the 3rd mesocycle). I put it into excel with only a very brief summary of the run showing, then details in comments under the cell. This way the plan doesn't look so daunting. I also added my big events, or travel in colors. These will be the days where I have to carefully plan out the training so I don't miss anything!

I also created a marathon mantra. I was up late one night worrying about this race a few weeks ago and decided to just write down all of my worries, since that usually helps. I made a numbered list, then wrote down all of the actions that I could take to avoid that worry coming to fruition. I only have control over so much, so I'll take whatever action I can and let fate guide the rest.

Want to see it? Want to see my marathon mantra? Of course you do. (You'll need to click on the screen shot to have any chance of reading it.)

My favorite advice is from Jen to cut down miles if necessary. I like this! And also from Shawn, to get weekly massages. I could prescribe to both of those things.

I'm going to do something I don't think I've done before and let you all know what my goal time is. I decided not to be wishy-washy about this this time around. Last race I simply wanted to finish, preferably under 4:00 but I really didn't care what my finish time was. This time I'm going to go for a 3:30 finish. I want to go fast, think I can go fast, want to qualify for Boston (to run with my uncle and past my sister's house), so there it is. I'm going to hopefully test this goal pace during my training and go into the race knowing the course, knowing my body and knowing I can do it. I'll be sad and disappointed if I don't hit that goal, but its not the end of the world.

So, what I need to do now is:

1. Enter Week 1 training into my Outlook calendar

2. Post the training plan at my desk

3. Buy a Gu bottle and fuel belt (if Josh's doesn't work for me)

4. Schedule some massages

5. Make yoga, stretching, trigger point and ice baths a priority

6. Set weekly goals (again)

7. Buy salt tablets

8. Research about 6 more long run courses

9. Smile

10. Relax

11. Take it easy!

Anyway, I am super excited to get going. I know the weeks are going to fly by! Feel free to comment on my plan/mantra and general craziness.



the gazelle said...

I also need to buy salt tablets. dehydration + salt deficiency has kicked my ass on my last 2 1/2s. I think I also need to schedule a couple of sports massages. do you have a place you go?

Of course, all this might be moot if I drown next Saturday - in which case, I leave you my salt tablets & fuel belt in my will.

jen said...

Awesome awesome awesome. I have a few good long run spots I can show you. You're going to do great!

the gazelle said...

I would also be interested in long run destinations. Sarah & I are doing Springwater tomorrow (better to end up @ the brew fest, my dear), and will do Discovery trail (16 miles out & back) & Banks Vernonia, too. Other than that, I'd love suggestions.

Sorry we didn't see you today! See you Wednesday, right? you have to come swim.

kristen said...

I love your plan. It looks hardcore only because I'm not sure how many miles you've been logging over the last couple of months, but if anybody can do it it's you. Good luck with the 3:30.

Your spreadsheets look alot like mine. Isn't being neurotic great.

Alisa said...

Yay training plan. Justin had good luck with Pfitz hopefully you will too! Are you seriously running the marathon a week after your wedding? You crazy lady!