Monday, July 27, 2009


I did my 8 miles in 100 degrees today (ended up going 7.29). Never ever again. Treadmill next time! I do not do so well in the heat, my body just can't handle it. I even ran with a fully frozen bottle that was warm by the end. My face is still beat red.

On a scale of 1-5 this was a 2, not receiving lower marks because I did not shit my pants, throw up or pass out. But honestly, it came close a couple of times. I was supposed to include 10x 100 strides, but only eeked out 2. It was miserable and I stopped a whole lot.

Miles = 7.29
Avg Pace = 9:01
Avg HR = 176

I'm going to try to put this one out of my memory rather quickly. Not a great way to start training again!


the gazelle said...

it is so yucky out right now. I'm impressed you made it 7.29 miles w/o shitting your pants, puking or passing out. That's how Sarah & I felt yesterday during our 15 (in the morning)....we kept having to do walk breaks during the last mile 'cause one or the other of us thought we were going to barf.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed! I have resorted to the treadmill twice in the last week; the humidity is killing us over here in NJ!!

Jess said...

Haha well it's good to know what you consider a "1," although I guess that means that your 2 today was pretty awful!

Shawn said...

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Heat and Humidity. One of the reasons we moved up to portland. It's so weird how I'm finding myself having to deal with the 100+ degree heat on a daily basis once again. Not fun. Hopefully that heat wave will be on it's way out shortly. Just remember when it's 70 there soon, I'll be suffering through more consecutive days of 100 degree heat than anyone from the NW can ever imagine. Still happy though:)Keep running strong Emily.