Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cliff's Notes

Ok, so a lot of stuff going on and if I don't lay it out there right now it is never going to happen and then I'll disappear and everyone will cry.

Last two weeks recap: I did most workouts and most went well but a couple not. Last week was actually great despite missing some recovery runs. Wow. Then this week was a bit tougher with the travel to Seattle and heat and soreness. My long run this week (today) was 18 and good pace (8:38) but felt much harder than last week's 17 at 8:15. Go figure. I had my massage on Friday and it was awesome. I learned some things and am going to go back at least every two weeks. The massage could have contributed to the soreness I'm having right now.

Long runs coming up are 16, 20, 20 15, 12 then RACE DAY. I am pumped, but also relieved that I'm not too strung out on achieving the 3:30 goal, or even the BQ for that matter. It is a week after my god forsaken wedding for god sakes.

I had a great time today after my long run...felt like sheiyt for a while, then napped and felt a whole lot better. Jen and Zach came over for wedding crafts and cheese and wine on the lawn. It was awesome...but now I'm home alone, slightly buzzed/tired and ready for nighty-night.

Looking forward to another week in the life. Hope you're having a good one.



the gazelle said...

Great job on the running lately! I am anxious for the full massage report (since it was great & not creepy).

jen said...

You are right where you should be with the marathon 6 weeks away. Looking good!! Thanks for giving me a piece of yard to sprawl out on all afternoon, it was awesome. Have a good week.

Alisa said...

I'd say you're doing great. I personally think too much pressure on a time goal for marathons is silly. But that's just me, the girl who is enjoying running for fun without any pressure at all!

Ooooh wedding crafts, fun!! If you ever need help, I'm the queen of do-it-yourself wedding stuff.

Marathon Maritza said...

You are doing awesome, especially with how much you have going on! So glad your last few long runs have been encouraging!

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!! ♥♥♥♥