Wednesday, August 12, 2009

9 Mile Tempo

Today I ran from home and ended up doing the loop across the I-5 bridge. I don't know what it is, but I energizes me: steel, concrete, trucks and cars zooming past me at 60+ mph, water far below, big sky, big boats, wind. It is all pretty exhilirating. And kind of scary...

I also did not bring my iPod. It is my effort to become more zen in general focused on running in specific. I do not want to feel dependent on it! I've actually done really well and not worn it on almost 100% of my runs the last couple of weeks.

I was supposed to do this run yesterday but just COULD NOT make myself do it! Instead I ordered in Chinese (I didn't even pick it up, I had it delivered) and drank wine. It rained yesterday for the first time and was cold and gray, so that might have contributed to it.

Anyway, down to the run...9 miles with 5 miles tempo (one more mile tempo than last week's 8 miler).

Miles 1-2: 9:02 (131 bpm), 9:11 (138 bpm)
Miles 3-7: 7:02 (175 bpm), 7:29 (178 bpm), 7:22 (180 bpm), 7:32 (183 bpm), 7:35 (184 bpm)
Miles 8-9: 10:00 (169 bpm), 8:32 (169 bpm)

Avg pace: 8:12 min/mile, 166 bpm

I knew last week I went to fast on my tempo miles but I guess I don't learn. That last fast mile was pretty hard for me to push out but I managed. Really, I don't mind pushing this hard - I like it. But now I'm starting to worry that something bad is going to happen - injury, mental breakdown, flooded basement? What do you think? Is it okay to sustain this type of speed on future runs?

Peace out!


jen said...

Nice run! I think your pace is good. The LT run is a good time to push the pace, it's the Long runs and easy runs that you need to keep your pace in check. Way to go :)

Zach said...

Those are some fast tempo miles - nice work!

Alisa said...

Faster than I'll ever be!

I too get a rush out of running over bridges with fast cars. I don't however, enjoy biking with cars.

the gazelle said...

I wouldn't worry too much about flooded basements....if you're feeling good while you're doing them, keep it up!

Nice run, though! I myself DON'T like going over the I5 bridge - freaks me out to be that close to all those speedy cars.

Jen Rife said...

Congrats on running w/out the iPod! I know that's tough, but I think it's good to run "alone" sometimes and reflect on what you love about the sport.

I agree w/ the other comments. If you feel good, go for it! Your pace rocks - Keep it up!