Monday, August 24, 2009

Picture Post

I had some issues with my camera card connecting with my computer, so I figured I owed some pics. This is a mish mash of a bunch of recent stuff:

Wedding crafts with the Barnes'....
Jen busting a move. (Isn't my sideyard cute?)

Go Zach!

My wearing my only strapless top in attempt to get rid of those white triangles you can see on my chest!

My little wedding invite station - complete with wine.

Pretty roses and dahlias from my garden along with my computer screen background of raspberries from my garden!

Lilies from my garden - they smelled wonderful in the house!

A fun arrangement of a spiky dahlia with poppy seed pods popping out.

Rando deer figurine (old Avon perfume bottle?) I found at the thrift store. I love him!

Where I make things happen.

Location of my first "long" run (13) outside of Salt Lake City. Kids were jumping off of this bridge into a murky river - it was HOT.

Me, completely wilted, after a hot a miserable 13 miles in the desert.

Going out the door on my 17 mile run the weekend before last (capping off Week 3 of training).
Back home after the 17 miles - this was just an awesome run and I felt GREAT afterwards. I was jumping around and totally energized. Not how I felt this week, but hopefully it comes back sometime soon!

That's it. Are you happy now?! :)


jen said...

Yay! I had no idea you had a camera yesterday.

Love all the flowers and fruit and everything. Your garden is beee-yooo-tiful!

kristen said...

Yes, happy now.

the gazelle said...

great pics. for serious, one of these days I am just SHOWING UP AT YOUR HOUSE and stalking you. I know where you live & all that. :)

Susan said...

I am happy now! Those raspberries look gorgeous...even as a picture of a picture!

Alisa said...

Raspberries and, I want a garden!

Wedding crafts are so fun! I had a whole assembly line for a day, it was a great way to involve family and friends without them becoming overwhelming.

Can't wait for you to have your house warming party!

Cindy said...

love the pics. the dahlias and poppy's are really cool!

Sarah said...

Cute :)

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