Friday, August 21, 2009

17 Fabulous Miles!

Just a quick check-in here... I've been in Seattle all week for work and unable to catch up on anything! I did just want to briefly drop in to say that my long run last weekend was fantastic. I will give details later but it was the best run I've ever had, really. I felt great the entire time and totally great afterward. I want every run to be like this. The best part is that I performed really well and averaged 8:15 miles...not far off of my goal race pace. 4 miles were sub-8:00.

I can't say how much a run like this boosts the confidence. On the flip side I'm now worried about what comes next...can I keep this up? Not going to worry about that too much.

I have my first sports massage today and am kind of terrified. I'll report back.

My training this week didn't go that great but after my perfect week last week it is okay. I'll touch on all of this later. Being away from home and eating work travel meals didn't help either. I way overdid it.

Hope all is well in runnerland!



Alisa said...

Yes, you can keep it up and you WILL!

Nice job on the speedy 17! Are you trying for a BQ?

Anonymous said...

Sports Massage= LOVE!

jen said...

Ooooh I hope the massage was a lovely as it sounds. Great job on the long run and you're totally going to keep it up! See you this weekend.

Susan said...

Nothing like a confidence boosting run!