Sunday, August 02, 2009

One Week Down

I am going to do a quick recap on this week's training to follow up on my mostly-successful goals recap. Look, I know its lame that I have to write down shit like "drink water", "sleep well", etc. But for some reason it works so whatever.

Monday I did my almost-8 miles in the 100+ degress weather. I think it got up to 105 that day and I really struggled.

Tuesday was off.

Wednesday I did 9 miles on the treadmill @ a pace a little under 8:26. I accidentally hit reset on the machine and it screwed me up a bit but I think I got in all 9 miles based off of the time that I ran. It was still pretty hot but fine.

Thursday was off for travel.

Friday I took off also since I was working pretty much all day. I didn't have a run planned anyway but it would have been nice to do some cross training.

Saturday I did a first-thing-in-the-morning 5 mile easy run. I think I ran like 9:30 miles.

Sunday (today) I did my 13 miles at high noon under 90* sun sun sun. I felt okay at first, but lost my groove after a while. God, this long run thing kind of sucks. How did I used to do these runs? I kind of don't like them. Can I quit in my first week of training? In short, my pace was 9:10 but I don't even feel like that counts due to my frequent stops. BLEH.

I wore my fueld belt for the first time and it was so-so. Kind of felt tight but I wanted it that way so it wouldn't more around. I was really glad to have the water and actually surprised that it didn't bother me more.

First week down, next week is:

M = off/XC/yoga
T = 8 mile tempo run
W = off/XC/yoga
Th = 11 miles
F = 5 miles easy
Sa = off/xc/yoga
Su = 15 miles

Have a great week!


the gazelle said...

when Sarah & I did our 15 miler last weekend in the heat, we stopped so many times in the last 5 miles (due to dizziness/nausea/heat exhaustion) that it took us over an hour to do the last 5 miles. CRAZY! Running in the hot SUCKS.

I have a couple of questions. First how do you tp yourself? Google is not helping me. Second, I think Sarah & I are planning on some Bikram Saturday at a studio near her place. You are certainly welcome to join us.

KAT said...

I've got a I'm training for a marathon currently, and I'm looking into fuel belts..
Do you use the 2 or the 4 bottle one?

Jen Rife said...

I've used the 4-bottle fuel belt and it takes some getting used to. I've also found a camelbak belt (not the back-packs ones) that I liked even better - It was adjustable so as you used the water, you could make it tighter, and it didn't bounce around as much as the fuel belt. I agree that some sort of hydration system is vital for the conditions you're training in though. Keep up the good work!

Cindy said...

whoa- you ran in that heat? i just stayed inside like a little vampire. props to you!
i like my fuel belt too--do u wear yours on waist or hips? i bought a larger size so i could wear it at hp level, which i find to be more comfortable.