Sunday, March 15, 2009

2009 Shamrock Run

Thanks for the pre and post race notes everyone! I am sad that I missed my locals at the start and finish, but after I finished there was no way I could hack it out there in the rain/cold/wind. I was really looking forward to hanging out. I didn't even get my free beer!

Race morning:

I woke up before my alarm at 6:10 and decided to start getting ready. I made coffee and had a small cup, along with a piece of toast with butter and jam. I had about 90 minutes to digest before the race so it was perfect. I didn't know if I should be extra sensitive because of the short race (i.e. maybe not eat anything?) but I'm glad I did it this way. Turned out just fine. Because I'm close to the race site I just packed up a bag and ran down there solo.

It should also be noted that I discovered nasty rain and gusts outside...not boding well for a good day, but what can you do? I was hoping to myself that most people stayed in bed and I could still win my weight in beer.

Race site prep:

I arrived to the staging area around 7:40 (start was 8:05), texted Alisa, then put all of my belongings into the bag check. People were SHOCKED to see that I was in shorts and a t-shirt. I had worked up such a nice warmth on my ~mile run down there that to me it felt great. The little gloves sure made up for any heat loss. I ate a partial chocolate Gu and went to the start area.

Race Strategy:

I did not put much into my strategy for this race. I hadn't run a 5k in several years, but had the experience of running several 5ks in high school cross country. My times in high school were in the 22:00's but I don't remember ever breaking 22:00.

In the Thanksgiving race I finished with 7:37 miles (total miles = 4) and in the half marathon I finished with 7:49 miles. So I thought should at least be able to beat the 7:37 pace. Not only is this race shorter, but I've improved a lot since the other races. And that race was weird with the big downhill and big uphill. 7:24 is what I'd have to do to finish under 23:00. Another measure is my latest track time trial, which was 2 miles on the track in 7:07 avg pace. So based off of that my 5k run (3.1 miles) should be between the 7:07 pace and the 7:37 pace. That would be a 7:22 pace or 22:53 for the entire race.

To state it more clearly I wanted to finish in under 23:00. But my secret A+++ goal was finishing under 22:00.

At the start line:

In the starting chute they had people holding up signs for 5-6 minute pace, 6-7, and so on. I sorta went to the front of the 7-8 group but then realized there were barely any people in front of me. Everyone kinda ended up scrunching up to the start line eventually and I'm guessing my position was about the 15th row back from the start. I did the obligatory checking out of everyone else's gear, legs and age before I decided I better stop mind-f'ing myself! I did a bunch of strides and little drills to get my body warmed up and ready to go.

Mark set go!

You are going to laugh when you see my splits. I'm apparently a schizophrenic 5k runner. This race was so short. The 2nd mile was all uphill and TOUGH. So many people passed me, including a man with a peg leg. I thought I was doing really really horrible. I was pissed and thought I was blowing it. My shorts were flying up and I thought everyone could see my badonkadonk (I've never raced in these shorts and only worn them 2x). I saw my fiance at the halfway point eating a doughnut, but at least he cheered for me. I wasn't expecting to see him there and I yelled back, "nice doughnut." There was nobody along the course making any noise and it felt really weird. I'm serious when I say that hundreds and thousands of people passed me. I don't like to be passed. I like to be the one passing people. This did not help anything mentally for me.

So one big hill up, then a sharp downhill, then it evened out. Once I hit Naito Pwky - the final stretch - I didn't even feel inspired to kick it in. I saw my FH again and shouted to him to meet me at the bag pickup. I felt done and really disappointed. Then as I passed under the overpass where most of the 15k racers were crowded I heard "GO EMILY!!!" OMG, it was totally what I needed. I didn't see them but I waved and knew it was one or many from this crew: Junk Miles, The Gazelle, The Ambitious One and Hot Thick Chick. (I also thought it could be Jen and Zach but Jen blew it later saying that she saw me and asked if I was wearing long black tights and a long black shirt - wrong again Barnes!!!) Anyway, the cheering really REALLY helped, so much so that I said screw it and decided to just kick it the F out. I passed a shitton of people on that last stretch, but you know what - they deserved it. Don't pass me and not expect revenge.

So, here are my famous splits:

Mile 1 = 6:54 (HR 181 bpm)
Mile 2 = 7:46 (HR 187 bpm)

Mile 3 = 6:52 (HR 185 bpm)

Mile 3.15 = 0:54 (HR 188 bpm)

TOTAL = 22:27/3.15 miles/7:08 pace/185 bpm

Yeah, I knew you'd laugh. What is up with that slow 2nd mile? That was definitely in the uphill but come on. It is totally off the boards. Anyway...I should be happy because I hit my goal but for some reason I know it wasn't as good as I could do. And that feeling kinda blows. If anything, this is a new benchmark that I can work with. It is a time trial. And knowing that the elevation and weather was bad, knowing that I had energy at the end...well, I'm likely going to do better in the future.

To everyone else out there with Shammy Shuffles today, hope you had a great time and are now rolling around drunk with a pitcher of green beer!


PS - the time is from my Garmin, not the official race time....which won't be posted until later. I am interested to see how I placed w/in my age group.

PPS - there was no man with a peg leg.


Zach said...

Yo! Nice work McGurk! You did great in this one and me thinks the Race for the Roses 5k will be even better.

Sarah said...

You crack me up - that slow mile is so silly (and waaaay faster than I'll ever be, don't feel sorry for me, I'm OK with it). Glad your man enjoyed a doughnut! I hope you get one somewhere today as well.

And it was Justin, Emily, and I yelling!

jen said...

You sandbagger, I think you'll go sub 20:00 in a month. And we'll all be so "surprised" with your improvement.

Very awesome run today. Whooooooo hoo!

kristen said...

You are so hard on yourself despite the fact your f'n awesome. Good job!

Justin said...

I'd like it to be known that I was the first to spot you Emily. Sarah and Alisa were still busy gawking at the man wearing nothing but a bunch of tattooes and a tiny green pair of undies to spot you. They did yell louder than me though I guess.

Great run!

KK said...

LOL at your hallucinations of a peg leg man or story embellishment. Either way = funny.

Nice race, speedy mcspeederston.

RunToTheFinish said...

wait the peg leg was the best part and now you say he didn't exist? :) way to go on kickin bootie..ha a slow mile that's my fast mile in a 5k

Aron said...

yah you are pretty much awesome :) congrats!!

Denise said...

No man with a peg leg? Darn. Made for a good story!!

GREAT job!!

Alisa said...

Haha..yes it was Justin who spotted you we were in fact staring at the guy in his green undies (BRRRRR)!

You totally sped by I'm glad he spotted you!

Thankfully I don't really have the Shammy Suffles, which means I probably should have gone faster but DAMN those uphill miles sucked balls! And the downhill hurt my poor toe...all in all, I think we all did great considering the crappy conditions.

You'll kick serious butt at the Roses 5k. I kinda wish I signed up to do the 5k, I haven't run a 5k in years!

Amy said...

I love that you yelled at your fiance while racing. LOL. The nerve of him eating a donut while you were racing. Hopefully you got to enjoy one post race.

Great job!

Amy - the gazelle said...

great race! you're going to rock the Race for the Roses!

Sorry I didn't get to see you yesterday.

Marathon Maritza said...

Hey nice job! Very speedy, even with that hilly mile!

And your legs look hot! Who wears short shorts??? Emily wears short shorts!!!

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