Friday, December 03, 2010

So Far So Good


I’m doing well with following the plan so far:


After observing how SLOW my pace is now and that is doesn’t actually correlate well with the pace/HR chart I had from 2 years ago I decided to repeat this week’s plan for several weeks in a row.  This will give me a little better base to launch from.

I’m also going bananas on the yoga, which is awesome!  I started doing some vinyasa again this week and finding that my wrist may not be ready for so many chaturangas yet. 

Yesterday I went to THREE yoga classes.  Kind of psycho but not really.  The first one was a Yin class (very chill), then 1:15 of vinyasa, then my intermediate Iyengar class later on in the day.  I also ran 4.5 miles.  Wheeeeeee!  I was expecting to be HELLA sore today but luckily I wasn’t.  I did, however, sleep over 10 hours and needed to drag myself out of bed.  I guess my body isn’t so used to the movement!

I’m feeling great this week!  Hope you are too – happy weekend.



Petraruns said...

I want whatever you're having. It's working!

Anonymous said...

Looks good to me- I wish I could get into Yoga, but I just cant seem to make it happen!