Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life Couldn't Be Better

It is one of those weeks. Today I pushed myself out the door to fit in my VO2 max workout at the track. I knew I probably wouldn't fit in the 8 miles but at least wanted to do the 5x600. I love track workouts. It was cool and nice out but I was running on less than 3 hours sleep and had eaten like crap all day...and ate right before I left. I felt good about going for it though. I ended up barfing at the track after 4 intervals and walked home clutching my stomach after only 2.83 miles. Feeling not so great and in bed now but happy that I'll get like 11 hours of sleep after this tylenol pm kicks in.
I lost my 2nd and 3rd toenails today and wondering how the F I'm going to get a pedi next week. I am getting married in a week. Exactly a week from today I'll be in the middle of my polenta at my rehearsal dinner in Hood River. I'll be surrounded by friends and family that have come from afar all for little old me and my honey. Right now I'm finishing up a bunch of awful details like ordering wine, picking up the ring, find an outfit for the rehearsal dinner, choosing our first dance song, finalizing details and timelines with all of our vendors, cleaning up the house for my family's arrival on Saturday. No wonder I couldn't sleep last night.

I haven't quite wrapped my head around the fact that I'M GETTING MARRIED and that I'M GOING TO BE MARRIED. I can't visualize everything about the ceremony and the feelings even though I've tried. I'm very happy about what is to come though and trying to ride that through a couple of tough days. Life right now couldn't be better. Thanks for letting me share.


Me multi tasking today - working, working out, erasing tan lines. Can anyone help me figure out how to get rid of these damn triangle lines on my chest? They're from like one day months ago and I've sat outside in this stupid strapless top for the past few weeks and they're still there!


the gazelle said...

dude - that picture is both awesome & freaky.

and - as someone who has been married, I have to say - just relax & go w/ whatever happens. marriage is so much better & so much more than the wedding (hee - typed WEEDING the first time) and you will love it.

also -sorry 'bout the barf. I've had a shit-tastic workout week due to work + school + PMS + workouts, that I am almost ashamed. You are doing better than me because you are actually running!

See you soon.

kristen said...

I second gazelle. Go with the flow for sure!!! Marriage rocks!

Hit up a tanning bed. I had the same problem your having and it worked.

Amy said...

Ok, I got rid of my tan lines like that by going to a Rockie's game (baseball) and sitting in the stands ALL DAY. Can you take a day off (even if you don't go to a sproting event) and sit outside in that same top for hours on end? They will disappear.

Can't wait to hear all about your wedding and honeymoon. Both will be fantastic and you don't need to visualize them now.

Early Congrats!!!!!

Denise said...

Maybe they can paint the skin under the toenail...I've done that before. The next week will be so much fun for you! enjoy it and rest up!

Susan said...

Haha what an awesome picture. No tips on the tan lines...I can't get mine to go away either!

Anonymous said...

Tan lines are the worst- I have wedding that I am in and have been trying to get rid of mine too- a tanning bed would probably work but I don't think they are worth the risk and I don't believe in them.

What has worked best (for the most part they are filled in) is Bath and Body works self tan moisturizer. I use it twice a day and I don't look streaky or orange. It is very natural. Good luck!!!

KK said...

Early congrats on your wedding/marriage-what an exciting time in your life. And are you doing your first marathon, too? awesome!!! Just paint the mail bed on your toe if it comes down to it. Nobody will notice, but they will notice an unpainted nail bed. Or actually what I would do is nothing-use the fallen townails as a conversation starter to avoid the usual wedding small talk in favor of something more girthy-your first marathon!!!

Alisa said...

As for the tan lines, I did what you're doing (probably minus the weights) and also used self tanner. If you're going to go with self tanner, do it now to make sure it works for you. (In case of mess up--nail polish remover takes it right off.) I recommend Loreal Sublime self tanner, it's the best one I've tried.

As for marriage, it's fantastic. And, in all honesty, knowing you and Josh have been together for a long while, my guess is that not a lot will change (except that he'll have something on his finger too).

My advice for your wedding day is to enjoy every second it'll go by so damn fast. Savor the friends and family that will be there to share your day. And most importantly, don't sweat the small stuff. Your friends, family and catering staff are there to take care of you---put them to work so you can relax and enjoy your day.

Marathon Maritza said...

Whatever you did for the tan lines worked because I didn't see any on wedding day! ♥♥♥

Petraruns said...

Emily - after reading about your wedding on Jen's, Alisa's and Maritza's blog and seeing the pictures on FaceBook I just have to say a) I almost feel like I know you (which is not my stalky-type fault but just that you are everywhere) and b) that you seem to have had the most beautiful wedding I can imagine! And are you truly running a race this weekend? Rock on girl!