Sunday, February 15, 2009

Disappointment and Goals Recap

I am having kind of a sucky weekend as far as training goes. After my blowout on Thursday I was totally worthless on Friday and ended up just going out for dinner after some wine (hair of the dog really works!). I found out the Black Saturday run was moved from Hamilton Mtn to Forest Park which wouldn't work with my plans to be at the wedding site so I had a solid excuse to miss that one. It sounds like it went well, here is a link to one report on the run from The Rooster.

We still had to leave early to make our appointment in Underwood, WA. The site visit went great and I think we're really close to booking it! Hopefully by the end of day today. I'll post a link of the location at some point to wet your whistles. We rushed back to PDX for the 7th graders b-ball game that my FH coaches. After this I would have plenty of time to get over to yoga at 4:30. I was sooo looking forward to this. It fit perfectly into my needs for the day and I was excited to meet up with some friends there too. I got home and changed and walked out at 3:55 to drive over there. The second I hit the button on our elevator I realized, NO. The class isn't at 4:30 like on weekdays, it is a FOUR F'ING O'CLOCK. There was no way I'd make it in time. I can't tell you why I get so upset when stuff like this happens but I really do. It basically ruined my afternoon and I had to try REALLY hard to just be okay with it. I was so pissed that any alternative sounded awful - I didn't want to run, didn't want to go to the gym, didn't want to do push-ups at home. I didn't want to do anything but sulk and be totally pissed off.

I hate that I can't get over things like this. I hate that I put so much pressure on "the plan" for the day and when anything changes I'm thrown off. I know this is related to the need for control, but it isn't healthy and I don't like it. I don't want to be like this. Life isn't that bad. Dude, you missed yoga class, get over it. Things could be much MUCH worse. I'm over it now and going to try really hard in the future to just let it go. I know there's got to be a balance out there and I will find it.

This morning I decided before I got out of bed that I was going to go running right away. I decided to do a 7 miler on the Springwater trail with 4-5 miles of race pace in the middle. I got suited up and turned on my Garmin. Low battery. It's okay...I'm cool. Cool as a freaking cucumber. I have managed to be very productive around the house in the last 4 hours and pretty soon will head out with my freshly-charged device.

My goals for this week turned out horrible; I guess that's what you get when you're over-zealous, but really it is okay. I set them higher than I'd expected on purpose. Here's how I did:

Goals For The Week (2/9/09)

  1. Start running again!
  2. One trail run
  3. Yoga 4 times
  4. Spin twice
  5. Register for races
  6. Strength training - 2 sessions
  7. Eat well and track it
  8. Drink tons of water (64 oz/day)
  9. Take vitamins
  1. Start running again! I did this successfully. While I would have like to get another day in I am happy that I'm back at it and feeling good. I am getting close to needing another pair of shoes already!
  2. One trail run - not going to happen. I had two nice opportunities to do this and couldn't even make one. My excuses are listed above and I think pretty valid. I also abhor waking up early, ever, and especially during my weekends when I cherish sleeping in so much.
  3. Yoga 4 times - Twice is close.
  4. Spin twice - Once is close.
  5. Register for races - working on this today and should have it completed by EOD.
  6. Strength training - 2 sessions - Ha! I did nothing. Must start doing push ups next week!
  7. Eat well and track it - I did fairly well here, but Friday wasn't pretty. On Saturday I impressed myself by making ravioli and it was good!
  8. Drink tons of water (64 oz/day) - this is all good. It is a habit pretty much now and with bikram it is guaranteed that I'll blow this outta the water.
  9. Take vitamins - I admit. I missed some days. But in case you hadn't heard the news...who cares?
That's it. I'll have new goals laid out by EOD too.


Amy - the gazelle said...

I've missed yoga before because of the difference between times on weekdays & weekends. It can be super frustrating (and I tend to have a mini-tantrum & say, "well if I can't do that, I won't do ANYTHING" - I am nothing if not mature).

I didn't make it yesterday, either. But will soon run today!

Denise said...

I hate when my routine/plan gets messed up, too. It's hard to "go with the flow" when you're a structured person.

RunToTheFinish said...

it's good to have goals to get you motivated, but not to make you feel bad... maybe you are setting too many each week...considering you have all kinds of other wonderful things happening around you

Sarah said...

I threw an internal tantrum on my way to babysit on Saturday if it makes you feel better :) We're all there at times!

KK said...

Don't beat yourself up too much about getting cranky after your plans were altered. We're all human and not perfect but anyways it already seems like you have an improved attitude with the Garmin snafu. That actually happened to me today and I was pissed too at first before I remembered where my old HR monitor was and used that instead. I guess we just have to learn to be flexible, which you did so yay! Look on the bright side, at least you had a pubes/other people's fart free day.

Umm, I still see no link to a wedding website. Patiently waiting over here...

BTW, I see my sis threw me under the bus with the danskos/Wet Seal heels. That's cool. But while your feet and hers are freezing in an ice bucket somewhere, I'll be skipping around town in my well supported, albeit ugly clogs. :)

Alisa said...

Yoga makes me feel so fantastic I don't know why I don't prioritize it higher on the list.

Looking forward to reading you race list.