Monday, February 09, 2009

Goals For The Week (1/26/09) - recap

I am recapping this waaay late, but why not?
  • 1. Set up training/racing goals for 2009; pick out races to sign up for. FAIL!
  • 2. Go to yoga twice. I only went once
  • 3. Start the 100 push up plan. I did this! (However, I must mention that I only started it - I did not see it through. Ha! I found a loophole!)
  • 4. Go to a spin class. I did this too!
  • 5. Go to a random strength class at the gym (abs, circuit, pilates, whatever). Fail!
  • 6. Log food. Done!
  • 7. Take vitamins daily. Done!
  • 8. Drink 64 oz water daily. Done!
  • 9. Don't get too wasted. Done! Although I drank every night I didn't get too wasted.
  • 10. Start the 200 sit up plan. Score! However, same loophole as #3...
  • 11. Use the rock wall! Fail! How can I not do this when it is literally staring me in the face?
So I guess it goes to show that when I start getting ambitious with my goals they sorta fall apart. this was my worst track record in a while, but I'm chalking it up to post-race laziness.


jen said...

Hi! Looks like you put a few races on your side bar, so you made some progress there! Remember for Shamrock and Race for the Roses that Amy set up groups for us so we get a discount on the fees. I signed up for Shamrock today (15k).

RunToTheFinish said...

well you accomplished some of them and I say that's reason for celebration!

KK said...

ummmm and being out of town? Weren't you out of town last week? All bets are off for me when I'm gone. Just so many uncontrollable variables such as finding cool bars and wanting to eat tons and trying new wine and wanting to eat more and basically just not being disciplined and living it up. Plus, you went snowboarding and that definitely counts for something. Great week!

KK said...

never mind...just saw the date. I think you did a great job anyway. I have yet to ANY strength training in '09, so you're way ahead of the game with your yoga. :) My fave was drinking every night while not getting too wasted-a delicate and elusive balance-nice job!

Sarah said...

Your drinking plan seems like a success! I like it.

Amy said...

#9 is my fav. Congrats on all the other successes too!

Alisa said...

If I have too many goals for a given week then I get overwhelmed and everything goes to pot. Looks like you did pretty good though!

I too, just signed up for the Shamrock 15k...I think I will also be doing the Bridge to Brews 10k (um, it has brews, YAY baby!).