Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Marginal Success

I ran three times in Florida, which I’m considering a marginal success.  I went slow, and still not far but I got out there and did it.  I am starting to psyche myself out about my knees.  They hurt/ache a lot.  Is this because I’m starting to run again?  Because I am heavier than I was when I last was running (10# more and 5% more body fat!)?  They creak and snap with every step up the stairs.  Not to mention many other times throughout the day.  I have an appt with a local ortho doc but it isn’t until mid-January.  I’m just hoping that all these years and miles haven’t fucked me up forever.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me!  Has anyone else gone through this too?

Since I’ve been back from Florida (three days) I’ve somehow dropped the running from my calendar.  Tomorrow is another day though so I’ll make sure I get out tomorrow.

As for the above-mentioned weight/fat gain, I am starting to get really pissed about that too.  I keep saying I need to get myself back on track but just haven’t been able to.  I desperately want to maintain a healthy lifestyle – now and until the day I die.  I do not like ruts like this at all.  I can feel it taking its toll on my mentally and physically so it is time for a plan.  Here goes…

What I want to accomplish:

  1. Lower my RHR (resting heart rate)
  2. 45 minutes of cardio 4x/week

How I’m going to do it:

I know with consistency I can do this.  Here are some of my grand plans…join the gym down the street from me, start spinning and swimming in the pool.  Take tennis lessons (after buying some really cute outfits).  Run?  See what the doc says.  Continue with yoga!  Maybe add in a few weights. 

I want to reach these goals by Feb 2011. Is that so much to ask of myself?


Here are some of my pictures from FL (my dad broke his collar bone):

IMG_3488 IMG_3492 IMG_3485 IMG_3486 IMG_3487 IMG_3489 IMG_3490 IMG_3491

 IMG_3562 IMG_3596IMG_8369 IMG_8370 IMG_3650


Amy said...

I love your goals - so similar to my own. I occasionally think about taking tennis lessons (although, I'll admit, I've never thought about the cute outfits), 'cause I love to play, I just do so very badly.

However, I think my big 2011 new thing is going to be fencing! MWAH!

Get out there & run!

Petraruns said...

hmmmm once again you are proving yourself to be my spiritual sister I am SO on board with the healthy lifestyle lower weight thing... And not doing it thing...

My view is just keep trying and one of thse days you will STAY in the saddle.

your fam - and particularly your niece - is SO cute! How's your dad now?

KK said...

Fun pictures-sorry that happened to your dad-yuck!

I'll be crossing my fingers for you to be able to run again. It is so cathartic, not to mention efficient in the cardio department. Good luck!