Monday, April 30, 2007


And dolce means sweet beyotch. I bought a bike yesterday and tore out of work today to come home and test drive it. Seattle bitch slapped me again with rain as I exited my office, so no go on the new wheels. I bought a Specialized Dolce in Portland last night to evade sales tax. Total entry level bike but felt good on the test runs compared to the others. I just wanted a bike so didn't throw too much into research and decision-making. The front fork is carbon and rear is aluminum, shimano shifters and not sure of the breaks. Its blue and white with white tape on the handle bars. I didn't get clipless pedals/shoes, want to feel comfortable riding on it first before I start really risking my life.

Ran some miles at lunch today while it was still sort of nice out. 4.8 miles in 48 minutes - you do the math. The bitch of it was the damn elevation, 350 ft over about a mile, is that hard or is it just me?

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Marathon Maritza said...

Yes! 2 posts in 1 month, we have a new record!

Sweet wheels and sweet run, biotech!

Elevation is a bitch...I only need 200ft to get wiped out!