Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chicago Hurts

Unreal that it has been so long since I've thought about or written here. As I mentioned to Maritza earlier tonight, I am deep in the recess of some large body of water and I can't reach the surface. I think after Chicago I dove straight in and thought I would bob right back up. Alas, I have not.

There is so much that can motivate you as an individual and lately, for physical activity, it has been nothing. Not even the superficial inspiration of svelte legs and glowier skin. Truth is, I've very much definitely noticed the physical and mental differences from when I was constantly active. I don't sleep as well anymore, I'm in a foul mood more, I feel sluggish more and I am overall much less interesting.

So I guess it is finally time to frog-kick myself up to the clean air, let it fill me up and get this shit going already.

(I will be reporting back next week to reveal the outcome.)

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