Monday, April 21, 2008

So Far, Soooo Good

What up?

So, not much to report, but at least typing here is getting me in the groove even more. It is all what I'm considering progress... I forgot to enter that last week I went to the gym and lifted weights, all upper body. I was so massively sore the next few days and it was a huge wake up call that I haven't done anything in so long. Ouch! I lifted then again yesterday and today feel just the right amount of soreness.

4/13 - ran almost 4 miles, pretty easy at an 8:55 pace
4/21 - lifted and did the stair machine for 15 minutes @ level 10 (not too hard but definitely not easy)

My goal for today is to run home, not all the way but partial. I plan to leave work, drop my crap off in Josh's car, then run to the bridge, take the bus across and go to the gym. I was organized last night and packed everything I would need for today so I have no excuse.

My goal for the next week or so is to determine what races I will do this summer. I'm thinking it is time to target the triathlon, but what distance, location, etc. will all have to be determined.

I am extremely bored at work, so it was awesome to track Jen in her Boston marathon today and it appears as she did an awesome job, breaking her record from last year by like ten minutes. Go Jen!!

(Because it is boring w/o pics I am adding some from pre- and post-run last week. I think you can figure out which is which.)

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