Saturday, October 03, 2009

Marathon Eve

Ok, so I better post. Since the marathon is tomorrow. I really didn't want to get myself all riled up and I thought staying away from this would help. Well, I wrote an email to Jen earlier today that captured pretty much everything going through my head. So here is that email:


I temporarily forgot that this GD blogspot won't let me cut/paste so screw it. (Does this happen to other people? I think it is f'ing ridiculous!) Here's the synopsis:

  • I'm ready
  • I'm a little nervous, but okay with that
  • some last minute things to attend to
  • but otherwise excited!

The taper has worked its magic I think cause I'm like one of those horses waiting for the start of a race, nostrils flaring, etc. And I have a long pretty ponytail!

This is the link where you can track runners. I'm bib #104.

Good luck to everyone else too!


Denise said...

Good luck today!!

jen said...

Goooooo Emily! We'll be rooting for you and tracking you and we'll see you at the finish.

And readers: that email she mentioned was 19 pages long. Don't let her synopsis fool you! :P


Susan said...

I just looked you up on the website...CONGRATS! And we're super close in marathon were less a minute faster than me! We should be running buddies...if only we lived on the same coast. :)